How to Make an Eye Patch for a Dog

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You could also sew the ends of the cord together using a needle and black thread instead of using a knot. Dog eye patches are available at your local veterinarian's office or animal hospital.

Dogs may have an eye problem if their eye looks cloudy, red, has a discharge -- or if your dog is keeping one eye closed or trying to rub his eye. The most frequent eye problems that dogs suffer from are infection, corneal ulcers, injuries, irritation, pink eye and problems with their eyelids. Only a veterinarian would know what treatment should be prescribed for a dog with an eye problem and whether or not they should wear an eye patch. Veterinarians have the appropriate type of dog eye patch. However, it is possible to make your own eye patch for a dog.


Step 1

Cut a square-shaped piece of felt from felt material approximately 1.5 square inches in size. It is important that you don't use craft felt sold in square pieces from a craft store. You need quality felt that you get on a ream at a fabric store. Cheap felt will make your dog's eye itch.


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Step 2

Trim the felt patch by cutting a slight curve about 1/2 inch off each corner so that the corners are a more rounded shape. Hold it up to your dog's eye to see how it fits so far. If you have a very small dog, you will most likely need to make the patch smaller. Trim all the way around the patch to make it smaller while maintaining the shape of it. Try it on your dog again. If it is still too large, trim all the way around the patch again until it is the right size. It should cover the eye completely with a little material to spare all the way around.


Step 3

Cut two vertical slits at the top and in the center of the patch. Each slit should be about 1/4 inch in length and about 1/2 inch in from the left and right edges of the patch.


Step 4

Push the stretchy cord through the slits in the patch. Start from the back of the patch and thread the cord through the first slit and then the second slit so that it comes out the back of the felt patch again. Pull the cord through the slits until the patch is centered on the piece of cord.


Step 5

Tie the patch to your dog's head. It should go just above the eye that needs to be covered, under the good eye, around the back of his head and under the ear of the eye that needs to be covered so that it will stay in place. Tie a secure knot at the back of your dog's head. Ensure that it is a snug fit so that it won't come off -- but not so tight that it would be uncomfortable for the dog or restrict blood flow.

Always check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet, medication, or physical activity routines. This information is not a substitute for a vet’s opinion.

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