How to Make Homemade Hermit Crab Climbing Toys

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Coral from a pet store also makes a good climbing apparatus.

Contrary to their name, hermit crabs are social, active and adventurous pets and they need an inviting habitat in which to live. They love to climb and hide and explore their homes. Keep them interested and happy by providing them with a stimulating environment. Use your imagination and create your own hermit crab climbing toys with basic items from around the house.


Step 1

Find a thick stick or branch from your yard. By simply propping it up in the corner, you will create something for your crab to climb. However, make it more challenging by gluing tongue depressors to the stick so the crab can climb it like a ladder.

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Step 2

Build your hermit crab its own playhouse.

Build a structure out of interlocking plastic blocks. Make it interesting for the crab with different levels to explore. Take the structure out periodically and make a new shape. Before putting the blocks in the cage, boil them in hot water so they are clean. If your hermit crab starts to chew on them, remove them from the habitat.


Step 3

Add an upside down terracotta pot to the habitat and cover it with cotton netting. The crab will climb up the netting to the top of the pot. Alternate one pot with another of a different size to keep things interesting. Netting can be found at fabric stores or specialty stores carrying shells and sea artifacts.


Step 4

Purchase plastic aquarium plants from a pet store and attach them to the roof of your cage. Buy them long enough so they nearly reach the ground of the habitat. The hermit crab will enjoy climbing up and down the plants. Always use plastic plants, never live ones.

Step 5

Stack rocks on top of each other to create mountains for your crab to climb on. If the rocks are going to topple over they may hurt your crab, so glue them together if necessary.

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