How to Make Your Own Pet Vest Sling

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How to Make Your Own Pet Vest Sling
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Groomers use a pet vest sling for pets who do not cooperate when having their feet and nails groomed. The sling suspends the pet above a table so they can't fight the groomer and get away. You can create your own pet vest sling by using two old sweaters. If you have a heavier dog, you may want to consider using two old jackets made of sturdier material to better support the dog's weight.


Step 1

Lay the first sweater out on a table so the arms are laying flat. Fold the bottom half of the torso section upward so it overlaps the top half of the torso section. Repeat with the other sweater.

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Step 2

Use a needle and thread to stitch the bottom half to the top half. This will create the support section of the sling. Repeat with the other sweater.


Step 3

Cut two holes in the center of the support section of the first sling for your pet's front legs using the scissors. Cut two holes in the center of the support section of the second sling for your pet's hind legs.

Step 4

Overlap the two arms of the first sweater by 5 inches and sew the two pieces together with the needle and thread. Repeat for the second sweater.


Step 5

Slide one sling over the pet's front end and place their front legs through the holes. Slide the second sling over the pet's rear end and place their hind legs through the holes.

Step 6

Lift both slings to suspend the pet a few inches from the floor or a table surface while an assistant performs the grooming. You may wish to hang the sling on hooks or a sturdy hanger.



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