How to Make Your Own Warm Sweater for Your Cat

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Things You'll Need

  • Tube sock

  • Sweater sleeve

  • Measuring tape

  • Scissors

  • Buttons, ribbons, fabric paint (optional)

Because they lack fur, sphinx cats need help staying warm in winter months.

If you're the owner of a sphinx cat -- a special breed without fur -- you know that cats sometimes need extra warmth in winter months. There are manufactured sweaters available for cats, but they're less common than dog sweaters, so they're more expensive. You could try to find a dog sweater that fits, but custom fits are better. You can make your own cat sweater out of a tube sock or old sweater sleeve.


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Step 1

Ensure that your tube sock or sweater sleeve is large enough for your cat. If you're using a sock, choose the appropriate size such as a man's extra large for a big cat or a kid's sock for kittens and small cats.

Step 2

Measure from the neck of your cat to base of the front legs. Cut openings for the front legs in the sock or sweater sleeve, using the neck-to-leg measurement for the gap between the head opening and the holes. Stitch the edges of the openings to keep the knit material from unraveling and to give it a finished look.


Step 3

Put the sweater on the cat to test the fit. Make sure the neck is comfortable for the cat. You can leave the sock or sweater sleeve a little longer and roll it over for the turtleneck look.

Step 4

Decorate your cat sweater. Add buttons or a ribbon bow tie. Use fabric paint -- read the directions to make sure it's safe for pets -- to add a personal touch. Add lace for a frilly bottom.


Step 5

Slip the sweater onto your cat. Keep in mind that older cats that aren't accustomed to wearing clothes might be finicky about wearing the sweater at first. Your sweater should fit snugly but not tight; your cat should be able to move around just as though it weren't wearing the sweater.