How to Make a Soft Elizabethan Collar for Cats

By Erin Ringwald

An Elizabethan collar is a protective device often used after surgeries. It is shaped like a shortened cone and prevents your cat from licking his back and scratching his neck or head. These collars can be made out of hard plastic or softer materials, such as cardboard. Elizabethan collars can be purchased at your vet's office, your local pet store, or you can cheaply make your own at home. The benefit of making your own is the cost, as well as the ability to make one that fits your cat well.


Use the flexible measuring tape to measure from the tip of your cat's nose to where her collar rests. Add 1 inch to this measurement. This will be the height of the Elizabethan collar.

Loosen your cat's collar so it easily slips on and off your cat's head without falling off on its own. Remove the collar and measure its length. Add 1/2 inch to this measurement. This will be the diameter of the opening of the Elizabethan collar.

Place the pencil inside the compass. Set the compass to the nose-to-collar measurement. Draw a circle on the cardboard.

Use the scissors to cut out your circle. Cut a line down the radius of the circle.

Set your compass to 1/2 the collar measurement. Draw a circle in the center of your cardboard circle.

Cut out the center circle.

Fold the large circle into a cone shape and use tape to secure the edges Alternatively, you can use brads to secure the cone. If you use brads, make sure the button is inside the cone and the arms are on the outside to prevent the brads from injuring your cat.

Use a hole punch to place four to five holes around the inner circle about 1 centimeter from the edge.

Use ribbon to attach your cat's collar to the Elizabethan collar. Weave the ribbon through the holes and the collar. The amount of ribbon you need depends on the size of your cat's neck. Tie the ends of the ribbon together to hold the collar in place.

Insert your cat's head through the hole at the bottom of the Elizabethan collar so the wide end points toward your cat's nose.

Attach the collar to your cat's neck to keep the Elizabethan collar in place. Tighten the collar if necessary to keep it from slipping off.