What Does it Mean When Yorkies Stick Out Their Tongue?

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Yorkies seem to let their tongues stick out more frequently than other dog breeds.

All dogs stick their tongues out once in a while. Yorkshire Terriers, or Yorkies, however, seem to let their tongue hang out more frequently than other dog breeds. There are several reasons why Yorkies might stick out their tongues.

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All dogs, including Yorkies, use their tongues as a cooling device when they become too hot. They do this by sticking out their tongues and panting to bring air rapidly over the tongue. This evaporates the moisture on the tongue, cooling the blood in the tongue. This cooled blood then flows through the rest of the body, gradually cooling it.

Injuries, Sickness and Neurological Problems

A Yorkie with its tongue out could also indicate that the dog is suffering from an injury, illness or neurological problem. If your Yorkie is behaving differently or the tongue is cracked and dry, your dog may need veterinary care.


Poor Bite

Some dogs have a poor bite or other anatomical problems, which can make it difficult for them to keep their tongues in their mouths. This problem is especially prevalent in small dogs, such as Yorkies. Therefore, simple comfort may be the best reason as to why a Yorkie sticks its tongue out.