How to Get Motor Oil Off a Cat

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Surprisingly, motor oil in kitty fur is a relatively common problem that pet owners must deal with. After all, motor oil can be transferred to your cat's fur from the ground, from walking under a car or even from rubbing against an oily surface. Cleaning the oil off can be a little tricky, especially since most cats prefer to clean themselves and dread water. However, it's important that you clean the oil off your cat before she licks it off on her own.


Step 1

Fill a sink with warm water. You can substitute a bathtub or a bucket, but a sink is probably the best place for you to work, since you'll be able to stand and maneuver easily.


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Step 2

Set up the soap, towel and treats around the sink. It's important to have everything ready before you begin to minimize the time you have to confine your feline (who will likely become nervous or frightened).


Step 3

Place the cat in the sink slowly. She will likely fight you, so provide a treat or food to distract her. You also may benefit by having another person to help you. Speak softly to the cat to calm her down.


Step 4

Scoop water up with your hands and release it onto the cat. Make sure your cat's entire body is wet.


Step 5

Squirt a few drops of dish soap in your palm and work up a lather. Gently massage the soap into your cat's fur. If necessary, use more soap.



Step 6

Rinse your cat with water and dry her off with a towel. If you still notice motor oil on her fur, repeat the process once again.


Step 7

Clip the hair on your cat if the oil still remains after washing. You can also take her to the groomer and request a full-body shave.



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