How Much Should a Pitbull Eat?

Knowing how much and what kind of foods to feed your pet pit bull is important to your dog's health. The right diet for your dog, along with proper exercise, ensures a long life span for your pet. How much food your pit bull eats is important to understand so you don't over feed or under feed your dog. If he becomes overweight, health issues can begin along with joint problems. Food portions are also based on the life stage and weight of your pit bull.



Pit bull puppies need dog food specially designed for puppies. Pit bull puppies require more amounts of fats and protein in their diets compared to adult pit bull dogs. Puppies should be fed a cup of dry dog food three times a day. Puppies are very active, grow fast and need lots of protein to keep up their strength. Canned or moist dog food can be combined with dry food for a variety.


Adult pit bulls usually need to eat around 20 pounds of dry dog food a month. It is better to feed your adult pit bull a cup of food two or even three times a day. This is better on their digestive system versus feeding them one large meal a day. High protein content is required in the dog food you feed your pit bull since they are highly active dogs. They should get enough exercise each day to maintain a healthy weight in addition to their diet. You can give healthy snacks such as fruit slices or carrots to your pet pit bull in between meals along with dog biscuits.

Food Variety

Pit bulls can get tired of constant dry dog food feedings. Mix it up a bit and offer moist packaged dog food for a meal or the canned dog food variety. These foods offer various levels of vitamins and minerals that are not all found in dry food. A lack of vitamins or not enough protein can end up in health issues such as skin problems, brittle bones or upset stomach. Your pit bull will also enjoy the different flavors and textures of the food.


Treats and healthy snacks are okay to serve your pet pit bull on occasion. Avoid table scraps, as this can cause obesity in pit bulls. Dog biscuits and dog sausage treats are acceptable to feed your pit bull in small amounts. These contain carbohydrates, which help with digestion. Healthier snacks such as veggies offer a crunchy treat for your pit bull to munch on. Vegetables contain fiber that ensures good digestion as well. Simple dog bones are good for their teeth and keep them clean while they chew.