How to Muzzle a Bird

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Animals will often attempt to bite when they are frightened.

From dogs to birds, muzzles are designed to prevent animals from biting. Muzzles may be needed when you're attempting to perform some type of procedure, such a medical treatment, where an otherwise docile animal may snap out of fear. When faced with a situation where you are not certain of the animal's reaction, use a muzzle to protect both you and the animal. When you're working with birds, the most effective way to muzzle their beak is with a piece of cotton gauze.


Step 1

Cut a 1-foot length of cotton gauze with the scissors.

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Step 2

Fold the gauze so it forms a strip as wide as the bird's beak is long. For example, if the bird's beak is 3 inches, fold the gauze to create a 3-inch-by-1-foot strip.


Step 3

Put on the gloves. Center the strip of gauze lengthwise underneath the bird's beak. Bring both ends of the gauze up and cross the ends over the top of the beak.

Step 4

Wrap the gauze back down and around the bird's beak. Tie the gauze in a half knot underneath the bottom of the beak.


Step 5

Bring the ends of the gauze around in back of the bird's neck and tie the gauze off with a half knot. Wrap and tie the gauze behind the neck only tightly enough to prevent the gauze from slipping.


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