Natural Cures for Golden Retriever Ear Problems

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Natural Cures for Golden Retriever Ear Problems
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Golden Retrievers are often more susceptible to ear problems than other dogs, as a result of having more allergies. Ear problems or infections in Golden Retrievers can often be difficult to treat effectively. You take your pet to the vet, use the recommended medication and think the ear infection is cured. A month later, it's back again, but this time your dog has developed a resistance to the medication and now it's not working. Luckily, there are natural cures for Golden Retriever ear problems that will effectively cure an ear infection in your dog once and for all.


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Indications of an Ear Problem

Some Golden Retriever owners are not always aware their dog has an ear problem. If you keep a close eye on your dog though and check at least weekly, you will soon learn to spot an ear problem. If caught early, you can cure it quicker with a natural remedy than if left to fester. Some signs to look for are:

Your dog scratching its ears a lot.

Your dog shakes its head a lot more often than normal; the dog is trying to dislodge what it can feel in there.


Your dog develops a head-lean, which means the ear on that side of its head hurts. Tilting its head down is relieving some of the pressure and pain.

Your dog's ear is wet and leaking a sticky substance. A key indication of an ear infection and one that should be taken care of immediately before it goes deeper into the ear canal.

The ear or ears smell like cheese - a yeast or bacterial infection and potentially very serious if not taken care of.


You can see small ticks or fleas hopping around inside his ear - with gestation periods of up to 28 days, you will see the ticks or fleas but not necessarily hundreds more of the eggs.

If any of these are symptoms your Golden Retriever has, check the ears carefully as they are usually the sign of an ear problem (ticks or fleas) or an ear infection. If a problem or infection looks likely, try one of the natural cures for Golden Retriever ear problems.

Natural Cures For Golden Retriever Ear Problems

Honey: Not only is honey now being used in hospitals to treat wounds in humans, it's also being used on dogs, cats and even rabbits. Mix up 3 tablespoons of honey with 9 tablespoons of warm distilled water. Stir until the honey dissolves then using a drinking straw, dribble the honey into your Golden Retriever's ear. Honey is wonderful for yeast and bacterial infections, as it kills them. It's also excellent for mites and fleas, as it kills the existing insects as well as their eggs. For a yeast or bacterial infection, use every day for one to two weeks. For mites or fleas, use every day for a week, followed by three times a week for the next three weeks. Mites and fleas can have up to a 28 day gestation period, so you want to make sure you kill all the eggs as well as the adults.


Green Tea: Not only is green tea healthy for humans, it's wonderful for your Golden Retriever's ear infection. Simply make a cup of tea with a green tea bag or loose green tea. Let it steep for about five to 10 minutes then cool the liquid until it's at room temperature. Using a drinking straw, dribble it into your dog's ears, holding them upright for a couple of minutes to make sure the green tea doesn't run right back out again. Repeat this every day for one to two weeks, keeping an eye on the infection.

Garlic Oil: Used as a natural antibiotic by the Russians during World War II, garlic oil can also be used as a natural antibiotic for your Golden Retriever. Buy a bottle of garlic oil capsules, prick five to 10 capsules with a sterilized needle and dribble the garlic oil into your dog's ear. Using a cotton swab, make sure the entire inner ear is coated with the oil, being careful not to hurt your dog's ear drum. Repeat daily for a week and if the infection still hasn't cleared up, continue on for another week.



These natural cures for a Golden Retriever's ear problems have been known to work well on most dogs. Like anything though, you may find your dog's ears are resistant to natural cures, in which case if the problem is not clearing up, a trip to your vet is on the cards for another more traditional medical treatment.

Always check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet, medication, or physical activity routines. This information is not a substitute for a vet’s opinion.