A Natural, Homemade Spray to Kill Fleas

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Things You'll Need

  • Lemons or oranges

  • Knife

  • Water

  • Pan

  • Bowl

  • Spray bottle

Citric acid is effective against fleas.

Fleas are a problem for any home with dogs or cats, and even homes that are next to houses with dogs or cats. When fleas start to invade and infest a home, there are several options available to kill them. Unfortunately, many options are chemical and might not always be appropriate for a home or pet. For example, homes with small children might not want to put down flea chemicals in carpeting because the baby might put it in their mouth. There are ways to make a natural spray to kill the fleas.


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Step 1

Slice the lemon or orange into several slices and place in a bowl. Leave the peel on and score tiny cuts in the peel as well. This will release citrus oil. Any citrus fruit will work. Lemon is very effective, but oranges will work as well. Select the citrus fruit that has the best smell for personal preferences.


Step 2

Put one cup of water for every lemon or orange used into a pan and heat to a boil.

Step 3

Pour the boiling water over the lemon or orange slices. Soak the mixture overnight.


Step 4

Pour the citrus oil and water mixture into a spray bottle. Do not put the citrus fruit slices in the bottle. Spray the citrus oil to kill the fleas. It is safe to use citrus oil on most surfaces and even on pets. Pet Info suggests diluting the mixture for cats or rabbits, which have sensitive skin. Spray the mixture every two or three days to kill the fleas and keep them out. This will kill any new fleas that are born as well.