What Oils Kill Fleas

Several types of oils in your home may make effective forms of flea control for your dog or cat. Olive oil and Avon's Skin So Soft, for example, both may be able to help your pet's uncomfortable flea infestation problem.

Coconut Oil and Canine Flea Control

Coconut oil can work like a charm for flea control in dogs. It consists of lauric acid, which repels both fleas and ticks. If your dog has fleas, coat your hands using coconut oil and massage them against each other until the coconut oil feels liquidlike in texture. Rub the nontoxic oil onto his fur and into his skin. Use a flea comb throughout your dog's coat. The oil will cause the fleas to attach to the flea comb. Since some fleas may fall off your dog while you comb him, make sure you're outside. Control your dog's fleas by reapplying coconut oil throughout the course of the flea cycle until they're completely gone.

Mineral Oil and Baby Oil

Mineral oil isn't a good choice for flea control. Although the oil might be effective at drowning fleas, the amount you would need to do so would be highly excessive.

Baby oil is mineral oil, just with added synthetic fragrance. Although baby oil isn't a good flea control choice for your dog or cat, it can help heal and soothe skin that's irritated and painful due to an earlier flea infestation. Refresh your dog or cat's skin by coating it in baby oil for between 5 and 15 minutes. The richness of baby oil can go a long way to nurture your pet's stressed out skin. Baby oil also is extremely hydrating to the skin. Mineral oil in general is often used to soothe and hydrate dogs' skin.

Olive Oil and Flea Control

Olive oil is capable of killing the tiny bloodsucking insects by drowning them. Moisten a cotton ball or washcloth using olive oil and massage it into your cat or dog's coat, making a point not to miss any areas. Focus on spots that seem especially irritated by flea bites. Not only does this oil kill fleas, but it also hydrates and soothes skin that's suffering from itching, dryness and irritation.

Cooking Oil and Canine Flea Control

If you discover fleas on your dog's coat by combing him with a flea comb, extract them using a pair of tweezers. Slow them down first by pressing them with cotton balls immersed in alcohol. Once you catch them, place them into a cup of H20 that has a single teaspoon of cooking oil blended in. This can make a good technique for smothering the external parasites. Cooking oil covers fleas and kills them.

Skin So Soft and Canine and Feline Flea Control

After you give your cat or dog a bath, rinse him using between 1 and 1.5 ounces of Skin So Soft for every gallon of water. This oil is a flea repellent that has the added benefit of boosting the radiance of your pet's fur. If you notice your cat licking this oil on her coat, don't worry. Skin So Soft isn't dangerous to felines unless it includes sunblock. Since it has a rather greasy feel, it's a good flea control option for pets who have coarse fur.