Over the Counter Medicine to Treat Dog Seizures

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Over the Counter Medicine to Treat Dog Seizures
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Seizures in dogs can be caused by several conditions, including epilepsy, canine distemper, tumors, or diabetes. Treating seizures can involve a combination of methods, some of which can be found over-the-counter or at home. While there are no over-the-counter medications you can give your dog (seizure medications are available via prescription only), you can provide other remedies and purchase treatment options over-the-counter to ease your dog's post-seizure symptoms.


Treatment Guidelines

Treatment for seizures in dogs rarely begins unless the seizures are frequent or overly severe. If your dog suffers from only mild, occasional seizures, your veterinarian will probably recommend that you just allow him to ride them out without medication. For more severe cases, seizure treatment will not cure seizures. The goal in treatment is to reduce the frequency and severity of the seizures, but they cannot be eliminated altogether. Some dogs will find a reduction in seizure frequency and severity with one type of medication, and then eventually the seizures will get worse and medication will have to be changed.


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Treatment Options

You can purchase a supplement known as EpiPlus in a pet store. This mixture contains a high level of B vitamins, which can be very successful in treating seizures. You can also purchase Bachs Flower Essence Rescue Remedy at health food stores and put a few drops in the dog's mouth after a seizure. You may also need stronger drugs to help your dog; your veterinarian can prescribe anti-epilepsy drugs for your dog, but you cannot purchase them over-the-counter. Phenobarbital is the most common choice in this case.


Natural Remedies

Seizures can cause your dog to lose blood sugar, so try feeding him a few spoonfuls of vanilla ice cream after a seizure to restore his blood glucose to normal levels. Then feed him a full meal and provide regular access to food for the remainder of the day. You should try to feed small amounts of food at intervals throughout the day. Otherwise, your dog may overeat because he is so ravenous after his seizure, and make himself sick.

Always check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet, medication, or physical activity routines. This information is not a substitute for a vet’s opinion.



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