How to Paint a Metal Dog Crate

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How to Paint a Metal Dog Crate
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Consider building a table around the crate instead of painting it. This provides another use for the crate and is more economical than paint.

Crate training is a popular method with a high success rate and it is highly recommended by veterinarians as a way to house-train your dog. Most dog crates come in standard black and are metal. However, there are options to change the standard look that include a crate that looks like a table or a crate that is not a standard color. Painting a dog crate takes about 2 days, and it is safe for your pet. You can choose colors that reflect your or your dog's personality.


Step 1

Shop around for the best type of paint. Non-toxic paint is the only kind that can be used to ensure the safety of your pet. There is no need to go to a specialty store because many large chain stores will carry the type you need. Depending on the crate size, you will need two to four cans of spray paint.


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Step 2

Work outside to ensure proper ventilation. Lay enough newspaper or cardboard down to create a large covered area. There should be at least a foot of extra newspaper on each side of the crate to allow for overshooting of the paint.

Step 3

Take the crate apart. Unless, the crate is one piece, it should have removable sides. Start by laying one side of the crate down and spraying it with primer. If room permits, lay several sides down so you can spray more than one side at a time. Wait for the first side to dry. Flip it over and spray the other side. Do not proceed until the primer is completely dry.


Step 4

Lay the dry sides down on fresh newspaper and spray one side with the spray paint. Wait for it to completely dry. Spray the other side. When painting, use a steady hand to apply the coat evenly. Wait for the sides to dry and apply a second coat if necessary.

Step 5

Use a paint brush to touch up any areas that the spray paint may have missed. The most common place is the corners of the crate. Wait for the paint to dry and reassemble the crate.

Step 6

Wait a full 48 hours before allowing your pet in the crate. The paint should be completely dry by this time and safe for your pet.



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