Pet-Safe Way to Get Rid of Mice

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Pet-Safe Way to Get Rid of Mice
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Use enclosed traps to get rid of mice so your pets are not harmed and do not have access to the rodents. The correct placement and bait in your trap as well as using several traps in an area makes your trapping more successful.


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Enclosed Kill Traps

There is a large variety of enclosed kill traps all with the same idea behind them. There is bait inside of the trap so the mice or rats enter the trap. As soon as the vermin enter, the trap door closes and the rodents can't escape. The trap may be a body-grabbing trap that clamps down on the mice and kills them or a snap trap that looks like a standard mousetrap. Some rat traps have two metal base plates that close an electrical circuit and deliver humane but deadly electric shocks.

Enclosed Trap Advantages

When rodents are enclosed in a trap, other pets in your household cannot reach them to eat them and possibly get sick from diseases on the bodies.


A pet can eat or bite a poisoned rat that ingests rodenticide and contract a disease from the rat or incur gastrointestinal problems from bacteria in the dead animals. Enclosed kill traps eliminate this worry.

Disposal and Disinfection

Wear disposable gloves when removing dead rodents from traps. Place the rodent in a plastic bag, seal it, place in a second plastic bag and seal it tightly. Put the rodent in an outside garbage can with a tight-fitting lid. Mix 3 tablespoons of household bleach with a gallon of water and dip the traps in it to disinfect them. Remove the disposable gloves and put them in an outside garbage can. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.


Rodent Trapping Tips

  • Place your enclosed mousetraps in areas of high mice activity noted by feces.
  • Use several traps for one area to increase your chances of catching them.
  • Empty the traps often and use only a pea size of bait in the traps. Peanut butter is a good lure for mice and rats.
  • Continue setting traps until you are sure that all activity has ceased.
  • Wash your hands before setting traps to remove any of your pet's odors from your hands. Pet odors create an aversion to mice traps, though human odors do not.