How to Potty Train a Bearded Dragon

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Bearded dragons have a tendency to relieve themselves in water. Even if your bearded dragon begins to use the litter box for solid waste, he may still urinate in his water bowl. If you notice this happening, clean out the water bowl as soon as possible with bleach; rinse it well and and refill it with fresh water.

The bearded dragon reptile

Bearded dragons are a gentle species of lizard native to Australia. Though their bodies are covered in a tough skin lined with pointed spikes, they make great pets for amateur and experienced reptile owners alike. Caring for a bearded dragon requires little more than feeding, attention and cage-cleaning. But it's also possible to "potty-train" some bearded dragons, where they can be trained to consistently go to the bathroom in one certain area of their cage.

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Teaching your lbearded dragon lizard to "potty" in a certain spot

Step 1

Bearded dragons are, by nature, fairly clean reptiles. They tend to relive themselves in one specific spot in the cage. Watch your bearded dragon over a period of two weeks or as long as it takes to determine the favorite "potty" spot.

Step 2

Place a piece of paper towel in the spot where your bearded dragon likes to relieve itself. Keep a close eye on the lizard, and replace the paper towel as soon as it is soiled.


Step 3

Cut a paper towel to the size of the small litter box you plan to use later on. Keep using the paper towel, and replace it when necessary.

Step 4

Sprinkle a little bit of sand from the lizard's cage on top of the paper towel after a few more days to introduce it to the idea of the litter box. Continue to replace the paper towel and sprinkle sand on it for a few more days, until your bearded dragon gets used to it.

Step 5

Place the new litter box inside the cage and put the paper towel inside it. Keep sprinkling sand onto the paper towel and replacing it after it is soiled. Do this for a few days, then begin to add more sand, covering larger portions of the paper towel.


Step 6

Stop using the paper towels when your bearded dragon has adjusted to the sand-filled litter box. Once your lizard is trained, be diligent about emptying/cleaning the litter box, since the lizard may refuse to use a soiled litter box.

Step 7

Move the litter box to another location in your bearded dragon's cage, if desired, by slowly changing the position of the box. Move the box a few inches every few days toward the new location. Moving the box slowly will give your bearded dragon time to adjust to the change.