How to Potty Train a Yorkie Poo

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When considering designer dog breeds, the Yorkie poo, a cross between a Yorkshire terrier and a miniature or toy poodle, is a popular choice. Yorkie poos are friendly, courageous, intelligent, and full of energy. Their intelligence is a benefit when it comes to training, but these pups also have a stubborn streak that may test your patience. However, with a good plan, consistency, and plenty of positive reinforcement, your patience will pay off and you'll soon have a fully potty-trained dog that can be relied upon not to have accidents.


Create a schedule

Creating a plan and a schedule is key to your success in potty training your Yorkie poo. You can start training when your puppy is just 12 to 16 weeks old, but keep in mind her bladder control is not as strong at this age as it will be as she matures. Create a schedule for your dog that includes regular feeding with potty breaks after eating and nap time.


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You will need to schedule eight to 10 potty breaks for puppies under 14 weeks of age and six to eight breaks for puppies 14 to 20 weeks of age. When the dog reaches 30 weeks, she will have bladder control to only need three to four breaks each day.

Decide where in your yard you want your puppy to eliminate and if possible, leave some feces in the grass. This lets your Yorkie poo know that this is the right place for her to go potty.


Considering housetraining tools

Puppy pads are a popular option as a housetraining tool. They are especially useful if you live in an apartment and don't have easy access to a yard or if you work full time and can't get home to let your puppy out. However, using puppy pads can lengthen the amount of time it will take to fully train your Yorkie poo as you are essentially teaching them that it is acceptable to eliminate indoors.


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Crates are another effective option. Puppies and dogs avoid eliminating in their den, so if your crate is not too big for your Yorkie poo, she won't eliminate in the crate if she can help it. Crate training offers additional benefits including giving your puppy a place where she can rest and making travel easier.


Monitor and praise potty trips

Follow the schedule you set to take your Yorkie poo outdoors to go potty but don't forget to pay attention to her behavior so you can recognize the signs that she needs to eliminate. Yorkie poos often get restless when they have to go potty, circling and sniffing the ground. If you notice these behaviors, take your Yorkie poo outside immediately rather than waiting for her to have an accident. This sets her up for success and prevents setbacks in training.



It is helpful to link potty breaks with a verbal cue such as, "Wanna go potty?" or "Wanna go outside?" This helps your dog associate the phrase with the process. Once you're outside, don't play or distract your Yorkie poo and give her enough time to sniff around and choose a spot if she needs to go. It is a good idea to keep her on a leash while potty training to keep her focused and to ensure you don't miss a behavior you can reward.


Once she has finished eliminating in the desired location, offer plenty of praise and even offer a small treat. This feeds your Yorkie poo's desire to please you and helps the training process go faster.

Yorkie poo training problems

Accidents will happen and this can be very frustrating for you. However, punishing your Yorkie poo is not effective and may even trigger her stubbornness. Never punish her physically or rub her nose into the mess. Clean up any accidents in the house with an enzymatic cleaner. This removes the scent that may draw your Yorkie poo to eliminate in the area again.


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If you catch her in the act, interrupt her and take her outside immediately to finish going potty. Once she eliminates outside, don't forget to praise her.



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