Pregnancy Signs in a Jack Russell

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As the owner of a Jack Russell, it is important to pay attention to changes in the dog's health.

Jack Russell Terriers are popular little dogs as a result of their exuberance, friendly personality, and merry devotion. As the owner of a Jack Russel, it is important to pay attention to any changes in health the dog might display, including signs of existing pregnancy. These dogs will display telltale signs when they are expecting but pregnancy should always be confirmed by your dog's veterinarian.


Change in Appetite

One of the first signs of pregnancy your Jack Russell will display is a change in appetite. During the early onset of pregnancy, dogs tend to lose their appetite as a result of morning sickness. However, this loss of appetite will only last a couple weeks. Soon your dog will display an eagerness to eat and may seem hungry all the time. This is because she needs to support her growing puppies.


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Behavioral Changes

Jack Russell Terriers are typically known for their outgoing, friendly, and spirited personality. They are very active dogs. Another sign your dog may be pregnant is a sudden change in her activity level. If your dog suddenly feels the need to sleep all the time or does not want to be as sociable as she once was, it may be a sign of pregnancy. Dogs have an instinct to protect their babies which is what causes this change in behavior.


Growing Stomach

As your dog's pregnancy progresses, her belly will grow larger to accommodate the growth of her puppies. An enlarged abdomen is generally a clear sign of pregnancy although this symptom typically is not displayed until the dog is several weeks along. You can eventually see the movement of the puppies within your dog's belly. You may be able to gently feel for the puppies although you should never squeeze your dog's belly to avoid hurting them.


Swollen Nipples

Swollen or enlarged nipples are one of the most common and noticeable signs of pregnancy in a dog. These enlarged nipples can easily be seen on the small body of a Jack Russell. This is a sign she is preparing milk in order to feed her puppies once they are born. This sign can be noticed very soon after conception. You can gently feel your dog's underside to see if her nipples feel enlarged.


Preparing a Nest

During the home stretch of your Jack Russell's pregnancy, she will show signs of nesting. This is her attempt to find a safe, quiet place to give birth to her puppies. She will seem restless and paw at the floor in corners of the house. You should do what you can to make her feel comfortable such as placing a dog bed down in a quiet corner and moving her food and water closer to her so she feels safe having her puppies where you placed her bed.

Always check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet, medication, or physical activity routines. This information is not a substitute for a vet’s opinion.



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