How to Price English Bulldog Puppies

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There are several different ways to price English bulldog puppies.

If you're in the market for a puppy, don't assume the first seller you find is asking for the average market cost of English bulldogs or close to it. In the U.S., prices for purebred pups can range from $1,500 to $30,000 each, according to Bulldog Guide. Many factors go into dog prices, and you'll need to do some research before you decide on a fair price to pay.


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Has the dog been weaned?

Dogs that are properly weaned on their mother's milk have fewer behavior and medical problems than those that are sold, adopted, or separated shortly after birth, according to the Purdue University Extension.


Check out the seller

Find out if the seller has registered the puppies with the American Kennel Club. Registered dogs will be more expensive, but you have more assurance about what you're getting. Make sure to check out the puppy's bloodlines if you are buying the dog as an investment or want to show it.


Make sure to get references on the seller, since you will be relying on breeding and medical records and a high standard of care. Use online sources and check out the website of the Better Business Bureau. If the breeder is licensed, ask for his or her credentials.

Check the dog’s medical records

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Ask if the dog seller has any medical records for the puppy, such as vet visits, medications, vaccines, neutering, nail clipping, or other information. Based on the puppy's age, it should be vaccinated as soon as the weaning process is over. If the dog has had training, such as housebreaking, that's important to know.


Ask if the dog has had a DNA test. This probably won't be necessary if you're buying from a reputable breeder or pet store, but an English bulldog owner who is selling puppies from a litter might not have purchased a purebred mother dog to begin with. As part of the sale, you might ask if you can pay for a dog DNA test.


DNA tests can help tell you how much of which breeds a dog is; however, that's only if the test is accurate. Research published in Nature warn that, as of July 2018, the database for dog DNA was too small to provide accurate results. This means you should not immediately assume your bulldog breed has a medical problem suggested by the DNA-testing company you use, but it does provide you with some information you can use to open a discussion with a vet before you purchase a new dog.


Research online ads

One way to know if you're paying a fair price for an English bulldog puppy is to check for sales ads online. This will let you know what others are selling and paying for this breed. In addition to looking at prices, look at the other information in the ad, or contact the sellers with questions about weaning, vaccines, and other pre-purchase care the puppy has received.


If you can't find anyone selling English bulldog puppies in your immediate area, expand your search to your state, then conduct a national search. Take advantage of free social media groups on sites like Facebook and to help you get more information about an English bulldog puppy price.


Question local animal care professionals

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Contact a local vet or two, any dog groomers you know, a local breeder, professional pet sitters, and dog trainers to get their opinions on puppy prices. They might not have all the answers you're looking for, but they will undoubtedly provide you with helpful questions to ask a breeder or other seller.

If you don't have personal contacts among these types of dog professionals, look for online directories. For example, the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters provides a Find a Pro button at its website you can use to find pet sitters in your zip code.



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