How to Put a Harness on a Dog

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Things You'll Need

  • Figure 8 harness

  • H-type harness


Adjust the length of a new harness strap or straps so you can insert two fingers between it and your dog. This allows freedom of movement without the harness slipping off your dog.

"OK, harness is on. Attach my leash so we can go outside."
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A dog harness is a good choice for dogs who pull while walking on a leash. Dog collars allow pressure on a dog's throat while a harness transfers the pressure to your dog's chest instead to relieve the choking hazard. Putting on a harness and correctly adjusting it, takes a small amount of time before you are off on your walk.

Step 1

Call your dog to you and ask him to "sit." Hold the harness up by the back strap with the neck and stomach circle hanging downward. Release the buckle on the stomach circle of a figure 8 harness. This type of harness does not have an adjustable neck portion. Release both buckles on the neck and stomach portion of an H-type harness.

Step 2

Place the smaller neck circle of a figure 8 harness over your dog's head. Place the center rear of an H-type harness on the back of your dog's neck where a collar fits. Snap the buckle on the neck portion of the harness.

Step 3

Lift your dog's left front leg and place it into the harness opening in the strap portion just below the leg. Pull the loose end of the harness behind your dog's right front leg and press the two ends together to buckle it.