How to Put a Snuggie for Dogs on the Dog

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For people, a Snuggie is a large blanket with sleeves that you wear backwards to keep your whole body warm while allowing free movement of your hands. The Snuggie for Dogs is a little different. It goes around the dog's entire body. Some smaller breeds of dogs can get especially cold in the wintertime, particularly when you take them outside. This can make the Snuggie for Dogs a useful product for some pet owners. However, first you need to learn to put the Snuggie for Dogs on your dog properly.

Step 1

Use the hook-and-loop fastener around the neck of the Snuggie for Dogs to connect the fabric. This creates a neck hole.

Step 2

Bunch up the fabric to make it smaller and place it over your dog's head gently.

Step 3

Lift your dog's front paws one at a time and insert them into the leg holes of the Snuggie for Dogs.

Step 4

Secure the hook-and-loop fastener straps over your dog's back to keep the Snuggie for Dogs in place.