How to Put a Snuggie for Dogs on the Dog

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Snuggies have sold more than 30 million units since the product first debuted in 2008. Their popularity makes total sense, especially in a world where we are increasingly working from home. They're one part ridiculous, exactly the type of novelty item that works as both a gift for a co-worker or a close friend, and one part functional. The truth is that Snuggies keep you just as warm as any old blanket, but you can easily walk to the kitchen to grab a snack because you're actually wearing it.


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Wearable blankets aren't exactly novel. The Slanket, a competitor, was actually invented in 1998, but since the Snuggie took off, it's made way for numerous variations — including a snuggie for dogs. Yes, you two can totally match while lazing around and binging on TV.

The Snuggie for dogs is a wearable blanket just like the kind for humans, but dogs don't have the same anatomy, so the process of putting on the Snuggie is slightly different. Of course, the difficulty depends on how willing your canine is to wear clothes in the first place. In any event, there are some benefits to dressing your dog. Here's how to put a Snuggie on your pup.


A Snuggie for dogs

Before you can put a Snuggie on your dog, you need to know where to get one. This product is an "As Seen On TV" item, but our society has evolved from the days of ordering over the phone and now this product is readily available online. You can purchase an official Snuggie for dogs on Amazon, and most major pet retailers have some version of a wearable blanket for dogs.


The official Snuggie for dogs comes in either blue or pink and has four different sizes:

  • Extra small (for dogs that weigh 5 to 7 pounds)
  • Small (for dogs that weigh 8 to 11 pounds)
  • Medium (for dogs that weigh 12 to 19 pounds)
  • Large (for dogs that weigh more than 20 pounds)


Make sure you choose the right size for your pup or else you'll have problems with it staying on and being comfortable.

Put on a Snuggie for dogs

Putting on a Snuggie for dogs is simple and actually easier than other pet clothes. The product has Velcro fasteners on the back. You'll want to open it up and lay it on the ground right side out (i.e. the leg holes facing toward the ground) with the Velcro open. After that:


  • Place your dog over the Snuggie, with his feet in the leg holes.
  • Pull the Snuggie up over his body, minding special care around the legs since pups move around and may step out of the leg holes.
  • Wrap it around your dog's back so that it covers him like a shirt.
  • Velcro the fasteners together.


Make sure you fasten the Velcro securely so your dog can't roll out of it.

Wearable blankets for dogs

Not all dogs enjoy wearing clothes, but it does have benefits for some pups. Some dogs, particularly breeds with thin hair coats or no-hair coats, get cold in the winter — just like you do. Other dogs that struggle with anxiety may find wearable blankets and certain clothing comforting (which is the whole concept behind a ThunderShirt). Other dogs enjoy the attention. If they're trained to know that wearing clothes means treats, they're apt to enjoy a game of dress-up.


Wearable blankets for dogs warnings

Wearing a Snuggie should be a positive experience for your dog, and it should never be tight enough to restrict movement. If they're not into it, don't force them to wear it. Dog clothes also change the way other animals react to your dog and may prevent your pup from sending body language signals. For example, if their tail or fur is covered, then another dog may not be able to detect piloerection (the nervous system response where a dog's hair stands up if they're frightened) or tail position.

Beyond that, wearable blankets and other dog clothing may irritate the skin of allergy-prone dogs or those who are already suffering from skin issues.