Remedy for an Upset Stomach in a Cat

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Remedy for an Upset Stomach in a Cat
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Cats have a notoriously easy reflex for vomiting. If your cat seems to have an upset stomach, there are a number of tried-and-true remedies you can try to settle its stomach. If chronic upset stomach is a problem, it is best to see your veterinarian, who can help find the cause of the upsets and prescribe medication or a special diet.


The 24-hour Fast

Kittens should not go longer than four hours without food.
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The 24-hour fast should be every pet owner's first defense against stomach upsets. Removing all food for the 24-hour period allows the stomach to rest and empty its contents without further upset. Every adult cat can withstand a 24-hour fast without any adverse effect on its health. Kittens, however, should not go longer than four hours without food.


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Stop Hunting Behavior

Some cats enjoy the kills they find in the wild, but consuming these kills can upset their stomachs.
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Some cats enjoy the kills they find in the wild, but consuming these kills can upset their stomachs. Keep your cat indoors and away from hunting activities until its stomach problem has been resolved


The Chicken and Rice Diet

Chicken and rice
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A diet of boiled chicken and cooked rice is the standard diet suggested for cats suffering from stomach ailments. It is bland enough to not cause further difficulties. A small amount can be offered to the cat to see if it is tolerated, then a bit more until the animal's stomach seems improved. Returning to the regular diet should be done gradually.


Hairball Medication

Check with your vet
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Cat owners should make sure their cat is not suffering from an obstruction caused by a hairball. A little Petromalt, or even a bit of Vaseline put on its paw to lick off, according to, might be enough to solve the problem. asks that you check with your vet before using any of its information.



Eating Grass

Eating grass
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Grass is indigestible to cats, but they still seem to enjoy eating it. It tends to make them vomit, and this action can clear the stomach of offending substances like hair and other things they have consumed. Pet stores offer grass you can grow in small pots for your cat's consumption


Reduce Amount of Food

Many cats eat too fast and then regurgitate their food. This problem can be solved by feeding your cat small amounts of food more frequently. Moistening dry food before feeding can help regurgitation also.


Pepcid AC

Discuss giving Pepcid AC to reduce your cat's stomach acid with your veterinarian. This can reduce the acid in your cat's stomach and make it feel better. The suggested dose is usually one quarter of a 10 mg tab. Do not give any over-the-counter-medications to your cat without your vet's approval.


Remove Toxins in Your Environment

Remove poisonous plants
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Make sure your cat does not have access to any toxins that might be ingested. Poisonous plants, pesticides, aspirin and antifreeze are just a few of the things that can make your cat sick.

Always check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet, medication, or physical activity routines. This information is not a substitute for a vet’s opinion.



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