How To Remove the Smell of Urine From Rats

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Following this procedure weekly will keep the urine smell from building up on rats. Summer months or hotter locations may require repeating this procedure twice a week.

How To Remove the Smell of Urine From Rats

Removing the urine smell from pet rats is a basic part of providing a healthy, comfortable living environment for the animals. This task is relatively quick and easy if you are consistent and thorough each time. Removing the urine smell from rats requires several steps, not just cleansing the body of the rat. The entire habitat of the rats must be regularly cleaned and sanitized to help keep urine odor and illness from becoming a problem.


Step 1

Bathe the rat. Using a small animal shampoo with tea tree oil helps cleanse the coat and repel smell between baths.

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Step 2

Place the rat in a clean, safe location that isn't his regular cage.


Step 3

Remove all toys, dishes and bedding from the rat cage.

Step 4

Wash the rat cage inside and outside, including all wire staircases and floors. Use a sanitizing mixture of 1 to 2 teaspoons of bleach to 1 gallon of warm water.


Step 5

Wash and sanitize all food dishes, toys and water bottles from the rat cage.

Step 6

Line the cleaned, dried cage with new small animal-safe bedding material. Return food and water containers and toys to the cage.


Step 7

Place the rat back into the cage.

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