How to Get Rid of Dog Worms Without Medicine

Using natural foods and herbal items from home are just as effective to treat dog worms as medicine prescribed by your veterinarian. Different remedies will help your dog in specific areas to help speed the healing process. A variety of options are available for ridding worms from your dog without medicines or a vet visit, however, if the problem persists it is best to contact your veterinarian to quickly resolve the problem.


Step 1

Consult with your veterinarian to complete a stool test on the dog you suspect has worms. This will help confirm them before beginning any natural treatments.

Step 2

Determine the overall condition and health of your dog before you begin a deworming treatment. Ask your veterinarian if any special precautions should be taken before administering herbs or natural treatments for your dog in particular.

Step 3

Give your dog garlic in moderation, in between meals or with his food. The garlic will help reduce his cholesterol while also raising his immunity to other diseases or sicknesses. Garlic will also help remove and effectively kill intestinal worms and other parasites inside of the stomach and intestines.

Step 4

Feeding your dog clove, fennel or wormwood will also aid in ridding internal parasites and worms. Clove is a natural anti-parasitic that helps in detoxing the worms in your dog's body. Both fennel and wormwood help with killing intestinal worms from the inside. Fennel will help improve your dog's immune system, while wormwood is a digestive aid with calming properties as well.

Step 5

Treating tapeworm can also be done naturally by using pumpkin seeds. Feed fresh white pumpkin seeds (grounded up) to your dog to help with ridding the infestation.