When Does a Rottweiler Stop Growing?

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Begin training your puppy at an early age so you will have a dependable friend at maturity.

Rottweiler puppies start as adorable squiggly creatures in black-and-tan and quickly grow into mature loyal companions. Starting with a birth weight near one pound, the puppies grow quickly in height, weight and intelligence. Average final weight of these bright-eyed faithful dogs is 85 to 120 pounds. As you watch the phenomenal growth of your pet, you will want to be sure you are providing adequate nutrition to maintain its health.

Growing Fast

You can see the intelligence in the eyes of a grown Rottweiler.

Puppies grow very quickly. While humans take many years to mature, most dogs reach their mature size within one year. Rottweilers start small and take 12 to 13 months to reach their mature weight. The fastest growth stage is from birth to eight months. The rest of the first year, growth will be a bit slower. During this year your pup will pass through infancy, the cute "toddler" stage, a mischievous youth stage and on into early adulthood. This time of rapid development is your greatest time of influence in training, socializing and nourishing all aspects of your companion's growth.

Growth Variations

Small breeds reach their mature size much more quickly than large breeds.

Each puppy grows at its own rate. If your pup was the largest or smallest of the litter, it may fall somewhat outside the chart as it grows. The growth chart is simply a guide. There is no reason to worry unless your puppy falls significantly above or below the growth range represented in the charts. If you feel there is a problem, you may want to check with your breeder or veterinarian about nutrition. Some foods cause more rapid growth, but may also cause bone, joint or other health problems.

Timing of Growth

Rottweilers reach their final height and weight at different rates. Much of your puppy's nutrition goes into bone and muscle structure in the early months. Final height is usually attained first. At about 10 months, the puppy will top out at or near its final height. The next few months will be spent using nutrition to solidify bones, add muscle weight and mature fat stores to each a final weight.

Final Size

Between 12 and 13 months of age, your Rottweiler should reach its adult weight. Musculature should be mature, and the bone structure will be sufficient to support all of the boisterous activities your dog will come to enjoy. This will also be a time to schedule the first annual veterinary checkup and give booster shots, as well of having the general health of your now-grown best friend checked.