How to Determine Severity When a Dog is Vomiting Yellow Fluid

By Cuteness Contributor

When a dog is vomiting yellow fluid, there is nothing pretty about it. The frothy, watery, bile-like substance looks disgusting, often stains, and sometimes smells. When it's your pet, however, your disgust turns to worry. Is she going to be alright? Is she sick? Should I take her to the vet? All the questions run through pet owners' minds. This article can help calm your nerves a bit. Here you will learn how to determine if your canine's condition is serious when your dog is vomiting yellow fluid.

Look at the throw-up for any red. When a dog is vomiting yellow fluid, sometimes it is too easy to look away. In this case, however, you must look closely to make sure there is no blood in her secretions.

Think about his eating habits. Did he just eat a bunch of food, or has he gone for quite some time without a meal? Either case could be the cause when a dog is vomiting yellow fluid. Neither is serious.

Watch your canine's behavior. If he doesn't want to eat, or acts more tired than usual, there might be a more serious reason if the dog is vomiting yellow fluid. Keep close tabs on him for at least 24 hours to determine if he's acting normal or odd.

Feel your dog's nose and belly. Does she feel extra hot like she has a fever? When a dog is vomiting yellow fluid, a fever signifies a more serious condition that a vet should handle.

Watch how many times the dog is vomiting yellow fluid. If it is more than 2 times in 24 hours, it is more severe than once or twice per day. In fact, puking is the norm once a day for many canines.