How to Sew Pattern for Dog Belly Bands

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Even though belly bands use disposable incontinence pads, the bands themselves should be washed regularly.

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Belly bands are useful for male dogs with wetting problems. The bands are simple rectangles that wrap around the lower end of the dog's belly and are held in place by Velcro. The bands consist of two layers and should be made of soft, comfortable fabric. Cotton works well for the outer layer and fleece makes for a comfortable inner layer. The bands enclose an adult incontinence pad.


Step 1

Cut the cotton and fleece into rectangles wide enough to hold the absorbent pad. The rectangles must be the width of the pad, plus at least a seam allowance of five-eighths of an inch on either side. The rectangle must be long enough to wrap around your dog's belly, with enough overlap for one Velcro strip to reach the other. Add the seam allowance for this side as well.


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Step 2

Place the two rectangles together, with the right sides facing. (Right sides refers to the top or outside that will ultimately show.) Then sew together three sides of the rectangle, leaving one of the shorter sides open. Sew along the seam allowances, along the edges.

Step 3

Turn the band inside out. Now the right sides are out and the seams are inside. Turn under the raw edges at the opening and sew the opening closed.


Step 4

Continue sewing around the edge, top-stitching the band along all four sides of the rectangle. Now you have a neat, rectangular band to wrap around your dog's belly.

Step 5

Sew on wide strips of Velcro at the shorter ends so that when the band wraps around lengthwise, the Velcro can overlap and hold the band in place. If you cannot find a wide band of Velcro, use a few rows of a narrower strip, side by side, to create a wider band.


Step 6

Hold the incontinence pad against the inside center of the belly band (the side that goes against the dog's belly). Wrap the band around the dog's belly, holding the pad in place so that when the dog urinates, he'll urinate on the pad. Remember to check and change out the pad frequently.

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