Should You Leave the Water Bowl Down for Your Dog All Day?

Your hound should have access to fresh water as much as possible, in case she gets thirsty. But under some conditions, you'll have to lift that bowl up once in a while. If you don't, Stella could wind up leaving you "presents" all over your house, giving you an extra headache to deal with when you get home.

Dog eating from bowl
If you're not around to take her outside, pick up her water dish.
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Amount of Water

Generally, dogs need an ounce of fresh water for every pound of body weight. So if Stella weighs 30 pounds, she'll drink roughly 30 ounces of water throughout the day. Of course she'll go over that amount during hot summer months, if you frequently take her for walks or if she only eats dry kibble, which has a low moisture content.

Benefits of Free Watering

By leaving a bowl of water out for Stella all day long, she'll be able to drink as soon as she gets the urge. You won't have to worry about monitoring her intake -- she'll take care of that herself. She'll stay well-hydrated throughout the day, reducing her chances of suffering from dehydration, even on warmer days.

The Downfall

Canines sometimes have to tinkle as soon as half an hour after drinking, especially during the potty training stage. So if you have that bowl down all day, you won't have a clue as to when Stella last took a sip. If you don't catch her when she gives you her potty signals -- standing in front of the door or circling in a spot -- she might wind up relieving herself right on your rug.

Picking the Bowl Up

If you're getting ready to head out to work, put out a bowl of water for your furry companion first thing in the morning after taking her out to go potty. Let her drink as much as she wants while you're in the shower. When you get out, pick up the bowl, finish your morning routine and take her out to relieve herself one last time. On your lunch break, do the same thing: Take her out, let her drink, eat your meal and then take her out one last time. Once you're home with her in the evening, you'll be able to leave the water bowl down, since you'll be right there in case she needs to go out.

Evening Considerations

Prevent any late night accidents from occurring by picking up the water bowl 2 1/2 hours before bedtime. Although if Stella is fully potty trained and has access to a doggy door, you may be able to leave it down all night long -- and even all day -- without any problems.