Side Effects in Dogs From Eating Figs

There's a bonding experience that occurs when you share a bit of your snack with your pup. However, what's good for you often isn't quite so good for him. If your dog snags a bit of your fig, he'll probably have an adverse reaction, mainly from the fig's irritating properties.

Whole figs on blue plate, High angle view
The fig probably will irritate your dog, potentially causing salivation and vomiting.
credit: DAJ/amana images/Getty Images

Fig Side Effects

If your dog snagged some of your fig, he'll likely have a response akin to an allergic reaction. The toxic culprits of a fig for your dog is the proteolytic enzyme known as ficin and ficusin, a psoralen. Ingesting the fig may cause him to vomit and can irritate his mouth causing salivation. Other side effects include loss of appetite and diarrhea. It's not just the fruit that may irritate your dog -- the plant it grows on can elicit similar response. Also referred to as the Indian rubber plant, weeping fig, common rubber tree plant or common fig, it secretes an irritating sap. If your dog comes in contact with the plant, he may develop skin inflammation and redness.