How Smart Are Black Labradors?

Black Labradors are among the most intelligent dogs.

Dog owners say Labradors tend to have kind natures. They are also good gun dogs. Their soft mouths and good temperaments make them some of the best retrieving dogs. They are easy to train and enjoy pleasing their owners as much as they can. There are some valuable black Labradors, and the best pedigrees can command substantial amounts of money even as puppies. They are a popular breed of dog not only as working dogs but as pets too.

Naturally Intelligent

Black Labradors are naturally intelligent, meaning they respond well to obedience training and they are great with children. In fact, many ratings of dog intelligence put Labrador retrievers in the top 10. However, they are fairly big dogs so they need space to move around, and they can be boisterous and energetic.

Train as Puppies

A black Lab's intelligence depends on the owner. Black labs are quick to learn, and they can be trained at an early stage of their lives. It is certainly possible to train a Labrador when it is grown up, however. Still, obedience training early on will allow you to control the dog better and will allow you to show how smart your dog is.

Quick Learners

Because they are such quick learners, black Labradors have to be kept busy. They need to be motivated, and they love to play. Owning a Labrador means giving your dog a lot of attention and spending a great deal of time exercising it, because if a Lab is not kept busy it has a tendency of putting on weight. In fact, obesity is a major health issue in Labs, according to 24PetWatch and PetHealth101. Black Labradors, like golden and chocolate Labs, love their food and will put on too much weight easily if their owners don't keep a close eye on their diets.

Smart as their Owners

There are many naturally intelligent breeds of dogs, such as the collie. But collies don't make good pets because they are just too intelligent for their own good. A collie constantly needs to be working or doing something whereas a black Labrador is more relaxed by nature, just as intelligent but more laid back. This makes them ideal family pets. They are safe, reliable and loving dogs to have in the home. Black Labradors can be as smart as any other dog.