Sounds That Annoy Cats

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Knowing which sounds cats find annoying can help you create a stress-free, feline-friendly environment for your pet companion. Compared to humans, a cat's hearing is superior. Some of the sounds you might not hear, your cat is able to hear. Humans can hear sounds up to 20,000 hertz, while cats can hear sounds up to 60,000 hertz. Additionally, their funnel-like ears can rotate 180 degrees, allowing them to determine the source of sounds.

Hissing Sounds

Cats bare their teeth and make hissing sounds when they're scared or feel threatened. A hissing sound generally is linked to an unpleasant occurrence. If you notice that Felix hides or runs out of the room each time you spray hairspray or use cleanser to clean the house, it might just be the spraying sound of the aerosol can that you're using that sets him off. This sound resembles that of a hissing cat, and your furry pal doesn't appreciate being hissed at.

Startling Sounds

Cats dislike sounds that startle them. Often these sounds are used to interrupt undesired behavior. For instance, if Felix jumps on the kitchen counter, the unexpected sound of a bell or whistle can startle him and make him think twice about revisiting the counter. You also can rattle a can of coins or clap your hands. If you consistently make the startling sound when you catch your pet companion jumping on the counter, eventually he'll associate the two and will stop the undesired behavior.

High-Frequency Sounds

Because cats can hear sounds at a higher frequency than humans, you might not always be aware that a certain sound is annoying your finicky feline. Computer and television screens, light dimmers, fluorescent lightbulbs, remote controls and electronic pest-control collars, can all emit high-frequency sounds that are inaudible to humans, but annoying to cats. If your cat vocalizes excessively or leaves the room each time you turn on a certain electronic device, he might just be trying to tell you that he dislikes the noise.

Loud Sounds

Although blasting your favorite music through the house might be enjoyable to you, to Felix it's just an annoying stressor that he can do without. Since your pet pal can hear the peeping sound of a tiny mouse effortlessly, it's not difficult to imagine how unpleasant loud music is to his sensitive ears. Often loud sounds can frighten cats. Thunder, fireworks and the vacuum cleaner, come to mind. If you insist on playing music, Felix might prefer that you play low-volume classical music or music that's composed especially for cats.