How to Stop Birds From Eating My Cat's Food

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If you have an outdoor cat, you might have trouble with birds eating your cat's food. Birds like blue jays, pigeons, and blackbirds tend to snack on anything they can find, including dog and cat kibble. This causes two problems for you. One is that you might find yourself spending more money on cat food, and even worse, some birds may carry transmittable diseases that can make your cat sick, such as roundworms.


If you leave cat food outside for your outdoor cats, you might notice birds eating the food too.
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You can create an outdoor cat feeder that is birdproof or find other ways to keep birds out of your cat's food. A simple cone-shaped structure that hangs above your pet's feeding bowl will allow your pet to eat but will prevent birds from getting to the food.


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Create an outdoor cat feeder that is birdproof

Create an outdoor cat feeder that is birdproof by purchasing a 30-gallon plastic tub. Soften the plastic on the top of the lid using a hair dryer. Then, take a box cutter and cut out the entrance, covering the edges with duct tape for safety.


Next, put the tub sideways on top of two 2x4 planks. Use a permanent marker to mark four holes for screws (two on each plank). Drill the holes with a power drill and screw in the wood screws.

Put the lid back on the tub and place the feeding station outside. Then, show your cat how to access the food.


Use a bird repellent

Another option to keep birds away from pet food is to purchase a bird repellent spray. Coat all landing surfaces, such as patio railings or furniture, with the spray. This spray can be found at a hardware store and has a scent that birds do not like. However, make sure you don't spray the repellent on or near your cat's food.


Birds might also be less interested in canned cat food than dry cat food. Try feeding your cat wet food to see if it is less appealing to the birds.

Wet cat food might be less appealing to hungry birds.
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Feed your cat in the garage

If all else fails, there is a simple solution: Feed your outdoor cat in your garage or on a screened porch. You can leave the garage door cracked enough for your cat to get in, or you can add a cat door. If you do not want to leave your garage door up, a backyard shed would work just as well as a place for your cat to eat in peace. The food bowls could even go in a small kennel or crate — something your cat can get inside, but something that birds can't or won't enter.


You should also feed your outdoor cat at a scheduled time each day. Then, bring the bowls inside when your cat is finished eating. This will create a smaller window of access for birds that might want the food. You do not want them to view your house as a 24/7 option for dining. Encouraging your cats to eat at a certain time of day will help.


Don't leave your cat's food outside 24/7.
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