How to Stop a Dog From Peeing on the Couch

Things You'll Need

  • Enzymatic cleaner

  • Dog crate


Do not reprimand your dog unless you see it actually urinating in an inappropriate location. Unless it can make the connection between the action and your displeasure, it will simply not understand why you are angry and become fearful.

A crate helps a puppy feel more secure.

A dog urinating on the couch is an unpleasant situation that results in foul odor, and without proper attention there is a good chance that this undesirable behavior will continue. Understanding why your dog is engaging in this behavior and fixing it may take some time, but it is essential to living comfortably with your dog.

Step 1

Take your dog to the veterinarian, especially if it was previously housebroken. A sudden loss of bladder control may signify a medical problem that needs attention.

Step 2

Clean the urine immediately with an enzymatic cleaner. If a dog smells its own urine in a certain location, it will continue to urinate there.

Step 3

Neuter the dog. If it is a male dog, urinating on your couch may be a result of marking territory. Neutering, if performed early, often eliminates the drive to mark territory.

Step 4

Take the dog out for more walks. If it is a very young dog, it may require more frequent excursions to relieve itself.

Step 5

Crate the dog. When you are not playing with the dog or otherwise interacting with it, place it in a roomy dog crate. The crate serves as the dog's den and thus the dog is unwilling to soil it. Crates also help a dog feel safe and secure, which eliminates nervous urination.