How to Stop a Female Cat From Calling Out

Unspayed female cats can come into heat as often as every two to three weeks. The condition, also called estrus, lasts for about two weeks, and can be very annoying for pet owners. Female cats in heat are agitated, restless, and prone to escape attempts. They also exhibit a behavior called "calling out," where they meow loudly at all hours. Their voices may even become louder and more piercing than usual.


Step 1

Decide whether you wish to breed your pet. Most cats should be spayed before the age of their first heat if they won't be used as breeders, but sometimes other issues get in the way. If you don't plan to become a breeder, have your cat spayed as soon as possible. This prevents any additional heats, calling behavior and unwanted kittens.

Step 2

Provide more affection. Most cats in heat are very affectionate and tactile. You may be able to calm your pet by grooming her frequently. Use a brush or comb meant for cats, and spend at least a short time each day with your pet. This may reduce her agitation and decrease the amount of calling you have to endure.

Step 3

Divert your cat's attention. Female cats in heat often seem to have only one thing on their mind. However, they can still be distracted. Spend some time playing favorite games with a well-loved toy. Vigorous play may tire your cat out and reduce her calling. For some cats, catnip helps. Observe your cat's reaction. Cats that become more active after playing with catnip toys may call more.

Step 4

Suppress the heat. Megestrol acetate, sold as Ovarid, Suppress Rx, Ovaban and other brands, can be used to suppress feline estrus. This pill is administered once a week, and will prevent future heats, as well as the associated calling. It may not be available in your area, so contact your vet for further information.