How to Stop Frogs From Croaking at Night

By Patricia Rodriguez

Frogs can be a nuisance when it comes to their croaking, especially when you've been sleep deprived for days and getting a little quiet seems impossible. Fortunately, getting frogs to stop croaking is easy and harm-free. Follow these steps, and start enjoying your garden while getting some rest at night.

Check your porch for cracks.

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Search your garden. Look for cracks on your porch or piles of damp leaves or wood. This is usually where frogs set up residence.

Flush the frogs out.

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Put on the gloves, and grab a hose or big bucket of water. Thoroughly flush the cracks and damp piles. You'll immediately notice several frogs jumping out. Simply grab the frogs, and drop them over your garden fence. This will force them to find another home.

Spray your porch with salt water to remove remaining frogs.

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Make a concentrated mix of salt water. Pour it in a bottle, and spray all over your porch and surrounding areas.This will make frog's feet uncomfortable, and they'll eventually stop coming.

Keep frogs from invading your pet bowls.

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Make sure your pet's water bowl is kept indoors, or place it outside only at feeding time because frogs may be attracted to it.

Sleep soundly through the night.

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Repeat any of these methods and as many times as necessary. Enjoy a croak-free good night's sleep.