Which Are the Most Stubborn Dogs?

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Some dog breeds are more stubborn than others.
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Like people, dogs are individuals with unique personalities. However, some breeds tend to be more stubborn than others. That stubborn streak can make training mastiffs, dachshunds and other breeds more challenging. Most stubborn breeds also rank among the most intelligent, so once you find the right training method your dog will learn quickly and eagerly.


Laziness may contribute to some mastiffs' stubborn streaks.
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Large and lazy, mastiffs can also be extremely stubborn, particularly when it comes to repeating behaviors on command. According to the Mastiff Club of America, most mastiffs would rather sleep or relax instead of performing commands or tricks over and over. Their large size, unfortunately, makes the repetition of obedience classes a necessity.


A dachshund's vermin-hunting past is at the root of his stubborn ways.
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Although small, a stubborn dachshund can cause problems. Because these dogs were bred to chase down badgers and other vermin, they have an independent streak that often makes training challenging. If they do not want to learn, dachshunds will strongly resist your efforts. They are also quite intelligent. According to the All American Dachshund Rescue, that intelligence leads to the breed's stubborn behavior. However, they can be trained as long as the pet parent remembers to be consistent.


English Bull Terrier

Strong jaws make training the stubborn English bull terrier important.
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Originally bred for dog fighting, the English bull terrier can be willful and obstinate, especially without proper training and exercise. Their strong jaws can do considerable damage to other dogs, people and possessions, so good training is important for the breed. With the right training, however, they can be great family pets because of their sociable and playful personalities.


Chesapeake Bay Retrievers

Chesapeake Bay retrievers are so stubborn they require experienced pet parents.
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While not as plentiful, Chesapeake Bay retrievers still qualify as one of the most stubborn breeds. For that reason, Puppy Review only recommends the breed for people who have plenty of experience raising dogs. Because of the dog's origins as a hunter of ducks and similar fowl in Maryland, the breed developed both intelligence and independence -- a combination of traits guaranteed to produce an obstinate breed.


Jack Russell Terriers

Jack Russells get stubborn when they are corrected.
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These high-energy terriers do not start out stubborn. In fact, the breed loves to follow commands, do tricks and be at the center of attention all of the time. Unfortunately, these feisty dogs can also develop a willful streak if they are corrected or punished during training. While many breeds may respond to a quick upward yank on the leash, such actions just cause the Jack Russell to become more determined to resist. During training, therefore, positive reinforcement is the most effective approach.