Which Are the Most Stubborn Dogs?

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As a pet owner, chances are you've been there: You give your dog a command, and he just stares at you with zero intention of doing what you said. Dogs can be stubborn, and some breeds, including mastiffs, dachshunds, and Jack Russell terriers, are known for being a lot more stubborn than other breeds.


Some dogs just don't like to listen.
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Most stubborn dog breeds

Mastiffs are one of the most stubborn dog breeds. While this breed is intelligent and wants to please you, they can act very stubborn if they are scared or confused. This stubbornness plus their large size make them seem like an intimidating breed to some people.


Similar to mastiffs, dachshunds are very smart. They also tend to be independent, and Dachshunds can be stubborn. These traits were beneficial years ago when dachshunds were first bred to hunt badgers in Germany, but they may be annoying if you are trying to train a dachshund today.


Another stubborn dog breed is the Jack Russell terrier. Like most terriers, this breed is stubborn and bossy. Siberian huskies are also known for being highly stubborn. They are not easy to train, and this task should only be tackled by experienced dog owners. Pugs and puggles (pug and beagle mixes), can have a stubborn streak. Although they are very people-oriented and love attention, they just aren't good at following commands.


Siberian huskies are a difficult breed to train.
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Are Mastiff mixes stubborn?

Mastiffs are generally a stubborn breed of dog. This means that small mastiff breeds and mastiff mixes can be stubborn too. Mastiffs are commonly mixed with boxers, American bulldogs, or the standard poodle.


However, just because a dog is mixed with a dog breed that is commonly known as stubborn does not necessarily mean that dog will be stubborn. Mixed-breed dogs typically share personality traits from both breeds involved.

Keep in mind that just like humans, every dog has a different personality. So, regardless of whether your dog is one of these breeds, her personality could be completely different. You might have a compliant, trainable mastiff, or you might get a dog who is incredibly stubborn even though her breed is not known for being stubborn. It just depends on each individual dog's personality.


Training a stubborn dog

If you are trying to train a stubborn pup, use positive reinforcement methods to help. Make sure your training sessions are short (15 to 20 minutes multiple times throughout the day) and try to make them fun, including lots of praise and rewards. For best results, training sessions should feel like a game for your dog.


Keep training sessions short to hold your dog's interest.
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Go slowly, rewarding your dog for every little thing he does correctly. Over time, this will make him more motivated to follow your commands. It is also helpful to make sure you remove any distractions from the training environment so your dog will focus on you.


A professional trainer can help you teach your dog new commands if you don't feel up for the job. Vet potential trainers carefully, selecting a trainer who only uses positive reinforcement. You should never yell at or hit a dog. Even the most stubborn dogs can be won over with happy praise and a delicious handful of treats.



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