How to Tell When a Female Husky Is in Heat

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Female huskies will exhibit signs that they're in heat.

Huskies are a unique breed of dog because they resemble the wolf. They are anatomically the same as all other dog breeds, however, which means they exhibit the same signs when they are in heat. If you are a breeder, it is important to recognize when your dog is ready for reproduction. When your husky is in heat, her estrogen levels will increase and then suddenly decline, allowing for the release of eggs from her ovaries.

Step 1

Watch your dog's behavior. Your dog will act more nervous than usual when she's in heat. She will appear more alert and relax less.

Step 2

Keep an eye on your dog when taking her outside. She will need to urinate more often.

Step 3

Watch for vaginal discharge. When the heat begins, female dogs will issue a bloody discharge. As the heat progresses, the discharge will slow and become lighter in color.

Step 4

Look at the dog's genitals. During a heat, the vulva will appear swollen and puffy.

Step 5

Watch your dog's behavior around male dogs. When male dogs are nearby, your dog may try to initiate intercourse by thrusting her hindquarters toward the male and positioning herself to be bred.