How to Tell If My Parrot Fish Is Pregnant?

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How to Tell If My Parrot Fish Is Pregnant?
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Parrot fish are able to change genders, colors and patterns. So while the sex of a parrot fish might be hard to determine, it is usually easier to tell if your parrot fish is pregnant. Some simple observation of visible cues will help you decide.


Step 1

Observe your parrot fish. Pay attention to where in the tank she spends most of her time. If a parrot fish is expecting, she typically will stay in one area the majority of the time.

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Step 2

Examine your parrot fish's body. Pregnant parrot fish will gain a significant amount of weight in a short period of time.

Step 3

Look at the sides of your parrot fish. Most pregnant parrot fish will show a visible bulge on both sides.



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