How to Tell the Sex of a Baby Turtle

A new pet owner purchasing a baby turtle at the pet store generally remembers to grab all the essentials that the turtle will need, including a home, food and a heat source. However, that owner may forget to ask whether the new pet is a female or male, which is valuable information to have especially as the turtle ages. Knowing the turtle's sex will allow the owner to breed the turtle or to keep two turtles separate to avoid any unwanted pregnancies.


Step 1

Examine the turtle's front claws. The claws of a female will have shorter nails than a male's.

Step 2

Look at the tail of the baby turtle. The tail of a male will be longer and wider than the tail of a female.

Step 3

Examine the turtle's cloaca, which is the opening at the rear of the turtle's body. The male's cloaca will be closer to the end of the tail than the female's.