How To: Tree Pulley Bird Feeders

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Do not raise the bird feeder so it is all the way against the pulley if you want to make it difficult for animals to reach. Let it hang a foot or two below to make it less inviting.

Placing a bird feed in your yard is a great way to attract birds to your yard. Unfortunately, bird feeders often attract squirrels, chipmunks or other rodents searching for a free meal. Traditional bird feeders are easy for animals to climb, and they may attract cats that wish to feed on the birds. Hanging the bird feeder high in the air is an easy way to prevent this, and the inclusion of a pulley will make adding bird food a simple task.


Step 1

Attach an eye hook to the top of the bird feeder. Screw the eye hook in tightly, so that it is secure when you pull on it. Skip this step if the top of the bird feeder has a hook or loop that a rope can be tied to.

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Step 2

Place a ladder underneath the spot the bird feeder will hang. Make sure the ladder is tall enough that you can reach the area without stretching or standing on the very top of the ladder.


Step 3

Hang an S-hook over the tree branch the bird feeder will hang from. Install an eye hook to attach the S-hook to if you're hanging the bird feeder from a building eve.

Step 4

Hang the pulley from the S-hook. Thread a rope through the pulley. The rope must be long enough that it reaches from the ground to the pulley and back to the ground again.


Step 5

Attach one end of the rope to the top of the bird feeder. Slowly pull on the other end of the rope until the bird feeder is at the appropriate height. Tie the rope off around the base of the tree, or pound a stake into the ground below the bird feeder to tie the rope off to.



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