How to Train a Brindle Pit Bull

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How to Train a Brindle Pitbull
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The brindle pit bull is one stunning animal. Not only does he have the imposing presence and buff build pit bulls are known for, but he also rocks a beautifully colored coat.


Brindle pit bulls range from light brown with dark brown stripes to deep copper with black stripes — a tiger stripe pit bull! They may be solid brindle or have a white chest and some white on their face.

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Brindle pit bull temperament

Contrary to what some sources say, the brindle pit bull is not a separate breed. It and all of its less dramatically colored cousins are American Staffordshire terriers.


These are smart, confident dogs that are basically good-natured and usually friendly. Their intelligence and desire to please their human make training easy if you do it right.

Potty training pit bull puppies

Hopefully, rubbing a dog's nose in her dooty went out with message machines. But just in case you've seen your parents or grandparents use this method, memorize these three words: It doesn't work. All it will do is teach your dog to fear you.


Your brindle pit bull puppy will not connect her accident with the punishment she's receiving. Ideally, you need to catch her in the act of peeing or pooping in the house for her to connect your actions to her deed. If you catch her while she's going, say "No!" and take her outside immediately.


Short of catching her while she's doing it, use the three-second rule and never fudge on it. If you scold her within three seconds of having an accident, she'll probably get it. Dogs don't connect being scolded with something they did an hour ago, several minutes ago, or even four seconds ago. Most importantly, don't forget to treat and lavish praise every time she does her business outside.


Patience, support, dealing with it

Patience is the most important ingredient in any training. Do not expect your dog to get everything right away. If you've just brought your brindle pit bull home, he's probably overwhelmed by all of the new sights, sounds, and smells. Take him out frequently and when he's inside, watch for signs that he's about to poop or pee like sniffing, circling, squatting, and lifting his leg.



Support your brindle pit bull's efforts. Feeding him at set meal times will lead to more predictable potty times. If you let him graze all day, you'll never be able to anticipate when he might have to go.

Thoroughly clean up any accidents as dogs tend to go back to the same spots, but don't throw it out. Move the poop to the spot outside where you want your pup to go. If he peed on a pee pad, move that outside. Gross, yes, but it works.


Reward right now

Rewards are the most important part of any training. Make sure you have treats handy so that you can reward her as soon as she's done the behavior you're training for. Just like scolding, immediacy is key. When she potties outside and you have to run into the house to get a treat, she will not associate the reward with what she's just done.


A treat pouch that you can wear around your waist is a great tool. If you wear clothes that don't have pockets, you can't live without one of these. Even if you have pockets, you won't gum them up and walk around smelling like liver if you wear a treat pouch.

The treat doesn't have to be anything bigger than the nail on your little finger. Tiny pieces are all that's needed even for a fast-growing brindle pit bull puppy. A little taste of something wonderful and your enthusiastic praise is what she lives for.

Obedience training your brindle pit bull

It's never too early to start teaching the basics — sit, stay, lie down, and come. Consistency is key. Decide which words you're going to use and stick to them. Keep training sessions short (five to 15 minutes depending on your brindle pit bull's age) but practice at random times.

Ask him to "come" when it's dinnertime. Ask him to "stay" while you finish a quick household chore. Say, "lie down" when you answer the phone.

Mix it up. Don't always ask him to stay when you're making the bed or your action, not the command, will become his cue. And don't forget the all-important reward. Treat, praise, and love your beautiful brindle pit bull.



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