How to Train a Brindle Pitbull

Pit bulls are a notoriously misunderstood breed. Yet with the proper care, attention, and training, they can become gentle and wonderful pets. It is best to begin training your pit bull when it is a puppy. At this age, dogs are most impressionable and have yet to learn any bad habits. You can use the information in this article regardless of the coloring of your pit bull. A brindle pit bull, which has markings on its coat, can be trained the same as any other type of pit bull.


Establish Your Dominance

Step 1

Select a training program as soon as you purchase your new pit bull. Follow this program rigorously. The one explained here discusses basic procedures, with a focus on how to maintain owner dominance without confrontation, called a Non-Confrontational Dominance Program. The key concept to this training program is that your pit bull must earn everything it gets. You can implement this practice in all aspects of your dog's life, from food to treats, affection, outdoor privileges, leash training, cleaning, and socializing with owner in human space, like your bed or couch.

Step 2

Place your new puppy in its crate. This is where house training and the establishment of dominance begins. Establishing dominance early on can be helpful to both dog and owner in cultivating a mutually beneficial relationship.

Step 3

Ignore whining, barking, or aggressive behavior from your crated pit bull. Crate training is not a punishment, but a dog should not be rewarded for displaying this behavior. Ignore your pit bull's bad behavior until it has calmed down.

Step 4

Give your calm pit bull affection and positive reinforcement for its good behavior, and remove it from its crate.

Step 5

Give your pit bull a toy. If your pet growls and guards the toy, remove the toy permanently so that the dog does not learn that it can get what it wants through dominance. Do not engage in confrontation with your dog. You don't want your pit bull to feel it has to defend itself at any point, or aggression may become a habit that is difficult to break. Only provide toys and play time when your pit bull is displaying respect for your authority.

Affirming Your Dominance

Step 1

Designate a time at which you regularly feed your pit bull. You can gain dominance through controlling when your dog eats, since your pit bull will feel as if it has the upper hand if there is always food in its bowl.

Step 2

Allow your dog to explore its new environment. At the same time, however, you must control the way your dog interacts with its new home and owner.

Step 3

Place your pit bull on the floor immediately if it climbs into your lap uninvited. Ask it to sit, and if it complies, give it the affection it desires. This way you maintain non-confrontational dominance. Only praise your dog when it has earned it. For example, once your dog knows how to sit, only praise it when it complies especially quickly with this command.