How to Train Your Dog Not to Bark

By Raven King

Dogs bark as a natural form of communication, and to express their feelings. Often, dogs will bark when they are lonely or feeling anxious. This is why your dog will bark repeatedly at night time and while you are away from home. Unfortunately, this can be quite the nuisance for you and your neighbors. Barking is simply annoying, and you'll never get any sleep with your dog barking all night. Barking problems can affect everyone in the household, as well as visitors and neighbors. Excessive barking can also be the cause of some behavioral or emotional problems. You can train your dog not to bark.


Step 1

Use a Voice Command:When your dog barks you need to say "No". Speak clearly, loud and short. Make eye contact with your dog when you say no and hold your hand out in front of you. This will help your dog understand that you are speaking to him and that you are saying he is doing something wrong.

Step 2

Use Reinforcements:When your dog understands and stops barking use your clicker and a treat. Have them with you at all times. Right after you use your voice command, and your dog stops barking, click twice and give your dog a treat. You should also give your dog some affection when he listens: pet him and talk nicely to him.

Step 3

Use Punishments:If your dog continues to bark even after you use the voice command, take him to a sort of time out spot. The basement could be a good place for this, because he will be alone and it won't be fun. When your dog does not stop barking, get his collar and leash out. Chain him in the basement and close the door behind you. Do not say anything while you are doing this. Just follow through with the punishment. It is important to be silent. Take him back upstairs and put his leash away after about 5 minutes.

Step 4

Be Consistent:Keep using the punishments and reinforcements no matter what. You need to show your dog that you are the master. Your dog will not believe you if you are not consistent and will think he is the master. Your dog will not enjoy being chained up, but will enjoy the sound of the clicker and the treats. Eventually, your dog will stop barking. Some dogs will take longer than others, so be patient.