How to Treat Urinary Tract Infections in Hamsters

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Hamsters are prone to getting urinary tract infections.

Hamsters are prone to getting urinary tract infections. This is mostly due to their low-to-the-ground bodies picking up bacteria that enters the urethra and infects the bladder. However, spoiled food or water that is ingested can also cause bacteria to grow within the bladder. If you suspect your hamster has a urinary tract infection, you may grow worried because you do not know how to treat it. However, there are steps to take ensure your hamster returns to good health in no time.


Step 1

Give your hamster fresh water every day, making sure that it has a constant supply. Excessive thirst is common with urinary tract infections because it is the body's reaction to trying to flush out the infection. However, keep in mind that urinary tract infections rarely go away on their own.


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Step 2

Offer your hamster yogurt or unsweetened cranberry juice, which help with clearing away bacteria and can possibly offer some comfort for the symptoms of a urinary tract infection until a veterinarian can be seen. Due to their selective tastes, hamsters may refuse to try either one of these.


Step 3

Take your hamster to the veterinarian's office. Only a veterinarian can prescribe the hamster-friendly antibiotics needed to completely treat a urinary tract infection.

Step 4

Follow the veterinarian's treatment plan for your hamster. This will most likely consist of taking the antibiotics for two to three weeks, or until the infection is gone. It is important not to skip doses or stop the antibiotics because it appears your hamster is healed. This can cause the infection to not go completely away or come back easily.


Step 5

Follow up with the veterinarian until the infection is completely gone. A urinary tract infection that is allowed to continue to infect your hamster can cause permanent damage and possibly eventual death.


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