How to Treat UTI in Puppies

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How to Treat UTI in Puppies
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Urinary tract infections are not uncommon in puppies. Many dog guardians don't realize their puppies have a UTI until they become frustrated because the puppy isn't making progress with house-training. A puppy—especially a female puppy—has a very short urethra. Sometimes puppies get distracted and don't drink enough water—another cause of UTIs. Regardless of what caused your puppy's urinary tract infection, there are steps you can take to treat it and prevent it from recurring.


Step 1

Take your puppy to the veterinarian. While a urinary tract infection in an adult dog will often clear up with home treatment, any illness is more dangerous in a puppy. The doctor will likely prescribe an antibiotic and can examine your puppy to ensure there isn't a more serious problem.


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Step 2

Don't crate your puppy for too many hours at a time. Puppies learn quickly not to urinate in their crates. The longer your puppy holds his urine, the more likely he is to develop a urinary tract infection and the longer it will take him to heal from a urinary tract infection.


Step 3

Take your puppy out for frequent potty breaks, at least every few hours. The more your puppy urinates, the faster the bacteria that caused the infection will be flushed from her body and the more quickly the infection will resolve. Frequent potty breaks are also important in preventing future UTIs.


Step 4

Make sure your puppy always has access to fresh, clean water. The puppy needs to take in as many fluids as possible while he is recovering from a urinary tract infection. This will cause him to urinate more and flush the bacteria from his body more quickly. Drinking plenty of water is also a preventative against the puppy developing urinary tract infections in the future.


Step 5

Offer your puppy some cranberry juice. Some puppies will lap it right up and others will not. However, if your puppy will drink it, cranberry juice is an effective treatment for UTI in puppies, just as it is in people.

Step 6

Feed your puppy canned food or dry kibble that is moistened with water or broth. This will help the puppy to take in even more fluids.

Step 7

Have your puppy fixed. Especially in female dogs, spaying the puppy before she has her first heat may help prevent future occurrences of UTI.

Always check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet, medication, or physical activity routines. This information is not a substitute for a vet’s opinion.



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