What Treats Are Good for a Puppy Yorkie?

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Treats facilitate the training of Yorkie puppies.

Yorkshire terriers, or Yorkies, are small dogs noted for their energetic presence and long, silky coats. Like most dogs, Yorkie puppies are eager to please and learn. Using treats as a supplemental training tool can encourage the Yorkie's natural desire to perform. Choosing the right treat for puppy Yorkies is largely a matter of reading labels and determining your dog's unique tastes.



A good dog treat for a Yorkie puppy contains little or no sugar. Dogs don't require sugar in their diets and treats with added sugar can contribute to health problems later down the road, such as diabetes. Similarly, dyes are unnecessary. Dogs don't care what their treats look like, as long as they taste good. The brand isn't as important as the ingredients. Look for treats containing minimal grains or whole grains and genuine animal products on the label -- instead of artificial flavoring or meat by-products.


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Personal Preference

Good dog treats are largely a matter of personal preference. Not every Yorkie dog likes every flavor of treat – some dogs snub peanut butter, for example, while others forgo lamb. Even treats of the same flavor with different additional ingredients can cause a dog to turn up its nose. Some dogs prefer chewy-textured treats -- while others like biscuit-style snacks. Experiment to find the best treat for your Yorkie puppy.



Some human foods can be used as dog treats for a Yorkie puppy. Cooked or raw meat, some fruits and some vegetables can make enticing snacks for your dog. Additionally, homemade dog treats are prepared using foods found in most grocery stores. Certain foods, such as chocolate, are deadly to dogs. If you opt to use people food to make your own dog treats, consult a veterinarian to ensure the safety of the ingredients.



Avoid feeding your Yorkie puppy too many treats of any kind in one day. Treats still have calories and too many treats can contribute to obesity. Treats are a supplemental food and do not meet 100 percent of a dog's nutritional requirements. Feeding a dog a diet consisting entirely of treats is detrimental to its health.


In addition, limit the number of liver treats you provide to your Yorkie pup. Too many liver treats can lead to a build up of vitamin A and lead to a condition called hypervitamintosis, or vitamin A overdose. While you should exercise caution, the threat is minimal. The amount of vitamin A needed to cause a toxic buildup of vitamin A requires feeding large amounts of the vitamin over a period of weeks, even for a small dog like a Yorkie.



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