Types of Freshwater Tropical Fish

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Types of Freshwater Tropical Fish

Freshwater tropical fish are some of the most beautiful creatures in the water. However, they are not all the same. Knowing about the different types of freshwater tropical fish before you set up your tank is important for the health of your fish. Different types of freshwater tropical fish have different personalities, with some being aggressive and others being peaceful. Moreover, many have special needs that should be considered before adding them to your tank.

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Some of the most popular types of freshwater tropical fish kept in the United States include angels, cichlids, rainbows, tetras, plecos, livebearers, bettas and gouramis.


Most freshwater tropical fish naturally originate from, and thrive in, warm regions and water, such as South America, Asia and Africa.



Contrary to what most people believe, goldfish are not a type of freshwater tropical fish. They are classified as coldwater fish even though their native habitat is tropical.


Dwarf gouramis, tetras and barbs are excellent freshwater tropical fish for beginners as they are all attractive, easy to care for and hardy.


It is important to ensure your freshwater tropical fish are compatible before placing them into an aquarium, as incompatibility between different types of fish may result in stress and disease.