Why Use Cedar Chips for Dog Bedding?

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Small dog lying in bed
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Cedar chips aren't just something you use to cover up the soil in your yard. They're also beneficial for your pup's bed. Cedar chips in your dog's pillow stuffing keep bugs away, ward off odors and pull in moisture. Plus, cedar chips are eco-friendly. Before racing out to buy cedar to fill Roxy's bed, though, make sure the liner is sturdy and free of any holes. You don't want any wood chips leaking out for her to chew on.


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Insect Deterrent

The natural strong-smelling oils of cedar chips might delight your nose, but they're a big turnoff for pests. Critters such as fleas and ticks generally aim to stay far away from anything containing cedar. This could potentially lower the risk of any insect outbreaks in your home. Putting cedar chips in Roxy's bed isn't a cure-all for keeping all bugs away, though -- you'll still need to follow through with the regular flea and tick treatments your veterinarian has recommended.

Better Smell

While you surely adore everything about your beloved fur ball, others may get a whiff of a smelly canine when they enter your home. Between the dog's dirt, dander and drool, Roxy's foam-filled bed can sure soak up a lot of odor-causing elements, making those funky smells cling to her every time she goes for a snooze. Cedar chips simply have a clean fresh smell. They're going to naturally overpower any type of odor-causing element your pooch brings to the bed. Ultimately, this can make your home -- and your dog -- smell like a fresh forest breeze.


Moisture Absorbent

Your four-legged comrade doesn't sweat all over her body like you do. But on warmer days, she might sweat quite a bit from the pads of her feet. Between that and her wet snout from lapping up water, a typical foam, down or cotton-filled bed can quickly become a wet mess. Cedar chips whisk away moisture left behind by Roxy or by humid conditions. When her bed is dry, it isn't as likely to be breeding grounds for unwanted mold and bacteria buildup, which can make her sick or cause allergies. This can also help with odor control.

Completely Biodegradable

Cedar chips are simply shavings of cedar trees -- completely natural and biodegradable. So once Roxy's bed gets to that point where it's hanging on by a thread, simply toss those cedar chips out near your flowerbed or garden. You won't have to feel guilty about creating too much waste by throwing out an entire doggy bed. Only the cover you'll have to actually toss, if it isn't fixable.