Why Use Cedar Chips for Dog Bedding?

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Why Use Cedar Chips for Dog Bedding?
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Whether you are looking for something to stuff your dog's bed or bedding to line the floor of a kennel or dog house, cedar chips for dogs are an excellent option. Cedar is safe for dogs, and the wood chips have many benefits, including the fact that they repel insects and help to manage odors.


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Cedar repels insects

The oil inside cedar wood has been shown to repel a variety of insects, including mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks. Whether your pup sleeps inside or in his doghouse outdoors, cedar bedding for dogs that repels insects is a big advantage, as dirty dog bedding can attract insects.


Keep in mind that this repellent property does not eliminate the need to use a regular flea and tick preventative. Your dog can still come into contact with these pests while roaming the yard or strolling in the park.

Cedar absorbs moisture and odors

Cedar wood chips can absorb moisture should your dog lay down on the bedding after swimming or running through a wet yard. While other types of bedding may also absorb moisture, they frequently also absorb the odor of wet dogs.


Cedar oil not only repels insects but also has a scent that many people find pleasing. Using cedar chips or shavings as bedding can help to freshen the air and reduce the smell of a dirty or wet dog.

Comfort and warmth

Cedar chips can provide insulation and keep your pup warm during cold nights and cold winter days. Of course, this alone may not be enough, but it can help create a cozy bed and keep your dog's body warm. Cedar can be ground up in a variety of ways for you to use in your dog's bed.


Cedar wood chips are common, as are cedar shavings that are more finely ground and cedar ribbons that are long strips of wood. Cedar and shavings may provide a softer and more comfortable surface, although many dogs do quite well with cedar chips as dog bedding. A downside to cedar shavings is that they tend to produce more dust than other cedar bedding.


Cedar pet bedding

You can purchase cedar chips for your dog at local feed and supply stores or online. Make sure that the cedar wood chips you use have not been treated with chemicals that may irritate your dog.


Cedar bedding does need to be cleaned and changed regularly. If you have a cedar-filled dog bed, it is a good idea to change the stuffing weekly. Be sure to wash the cover as well to keep your dog's bed clean.

You can also use loose cedar chips for dogs to line the floor of a kennel or dog house. This cedar bedding should also be changed weekly. If you are using cedar in a kennel where your dog eliminates, make sure to clean the kennel and remove soiled wood chips every day.


When not to use cedar

Cedar beds for dogs are easy to maintain and offer many benefits, but they aren't the best option for every dog. For example, cedar shavings should not be used for puppies or lactating or pregnant dogs. In addition, some dogs may be sensitive to the scent of cedar. If your pup is sneezing; has a runny nose; or develops red, itchy skin, this could be a sign of an allergic reaction. Remove the cedar bedding right away and consult your veterinarian.

Finally, while cedar is not toxic to dogs, it can cause gastrointestinal upset if your dog eats it. Avoid using loose cedar chips if your dog tends to chew or eat his bedding.



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