How to Use an EHEIM Everyday Fish Feeder

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While pet fish are relatively low maintenance, maintaining a proper feeding schedule and feeding the correct amounts can be a challenge, especially if you have unusual work hours or travel frequently. Getting an automatic feeder, such as the EHEIM Autofeeder, which can be used with both freshwater and saltwater tanks, can solve this problem, and you can easily follow the instructions in the EHEIM everyday fish feeder manual to set it up. This removes the hassle and ensures that your fish are neither underfed nor overfed.


An automatic fish feeder can help on travel days.

EHEIM fish feeder instructions

When you first remove your EHEIM Autofeeder from the box, you will need to install two AA batteries to power the feeder. Do not use rechargeable batteries. Check your autofeeder regularly when you refill the food to make sure the batteries are still good. You will see "LO" on the display when the batteries are running low and need to be replaced. You will not lose any of the EHEIM fish feeder programmings if you remove and replace the batteries within one minute.


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Position the feeder on the cover by the feed opening so that the food dispensed from the feeder will fall onto the water. If you don't have a cover, use Velcro tape or a bracket to secure the feeder to the edge of the tank.

You can manually dispense food by pressing the "EHEIM" button on the feeder, or you can program the unit to dispense food automatically.


EHEIM fish feeder programming

With the EHEIM Autofeeder, you can program up to four automatic feeding times. Use the "Mode" button to switch between the current time and feeding times one to four. Start by setting the current time. Click the "Set" button and the hours of the time will flash. Use the plus key to set the hour of the day. Then, click "Mode" to switch to minutes. Again, use the plus key to set the minutes. When the current time is correct, press "Set" again to store the time.


Then, press "Mode" to switch to feeding time one. Use the same process to set the time of the first feeding. After setting the minutes, press "Mode" again to select the feeding option. Use the plus sign to select one or two arrows. One arrow will dispense one serving of food. Two arrows will dispense two servings. If no arrows are displayed, no food will be dispensed. Finally, store the feeding time by pressing "Set." Repeat this for feeding times two through four if desired.


Add fish food

Once you have programmed the desired feeding times, you need to add food to the feeder and adjust how much is dispensed in each serving. Press the button that connects the food storage container to the feeder to release the container. Make sure the container is clean and dry and then fill it with fish food. It will hold up to 100 milliliters of food. Secure the filled container to the feeder.


Next, adjust the slide on the container. A larger gap will release more food, and a smaller gap will release less food. At the programmed times, the container rotates in a circle, dropping a portion of food into the water. You may need a bit of trial and error when you first set up the feeder to determine the best slide position to feed the appropriate amount to your fish.



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