How to Use an Eheim Everyday Fish Feeder

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Things You'll Need

  • Two AA batteries

  • Dry fish food


Test run your fish feeder before leaving on a trip to ensure you've set it properly and that it's working properly.

Fish require food even when you are away.

Eheim Everyday Fish Feeders allow you to program the times your fish eat and the amount of food they fish receive, even when you are on vacation. This programming ensures your fish receive the proper amount of food at regular intervals, reducing wasted food. Wasted food sits in the bottom of the aquarium and leads to algae growth, which can cause your aquarium to look dirty, and toxic bacterial and protozoal blooms, which can kill your fish.

Step 1

Push in the tab located on the forward portion of the fish feeder's base and pull up on the battery compartment lid.

Step 2

Place one AA battery, positive (+) end up, in the back of the battery compartment. Slide a second AA battery, negative (-) end up, into the front of the battery compartment. Click the battery compartment lid over the batteries.

Step 3

Push the food canister away from the control head of the fish feeder. Place a thumb on the recessed area of the food canister. Push toward the top of the canister to remove the canister lid. Set the canister lid aside.

Step 4

Fill the canister to the "Full" line. Push the canister lid onto the canister. Push the assembled canister onto the control head. The canister will snap when seated. Slide the adjuster, located in the recessed area of the canister, to the amount of food required for your fish at a single feeding.

Step 5

Set the fish feeder on top of the aquarium with the back of the canister over the aquarium water.

Step 6

Press the "Set" button. Press the plus (+) button to adjust the hours of the current time. Press the "Mode" button, then press the plus (+) button to set the minutes of the current time. Press "Set" one more time to store the current time.

Step 7

Press the "Mode" button to set the first feeding time. Set the hours and minutes of the feeding time as described for the current time. Press the "Mode" button a second time to enter the number of times to feed your fish per day. Press the "Set" button to save the feeding times.

Step 8

Press the "EHEIM" button to start the feeder.