How to Use Iodine on a Dog Wound

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How to Use Iodine on a Dog Wound
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Things You'll Need

  • Iodine

  • Warm water and soap

  • Antibiotic cream

  • Clean gauze

  • Hair shaver


Whenever you are working with a wounded animal, be careful. Some dogs are more likely to snip at you or bite you when they are hurt, so proceed with caution.


Don't cover the wound up with a bandage or pad because the cut will heal faster with air exposure. Yet, sometimes if the injury is on the foot, you will need to, in order to keep it clean. You can use a rolled gauze wrap in this instance. Just be careful to change the pad regularly make sure that it isn't too tight.

Our pets are often just as important parts of our family as the human variety. Our beloved dogs are our companions through thick and thin, but they are also prone to getting cuts, scrapes and other wounds just like humans. When our furry friends do come home with cuts, we need to tend to them just as we would wounds on our own skin. In order to avoid further infections, it is necessary to cleanse the wounds. Use iodine for that.


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Begin the process.

Step 1

Remove hair. Cut or shave off the hair that is around the area that the cut is in. You don't want any further chances of the cut being exposed to infection that could be caused by irritation by the hairs, and you want a clear view of the wound. Gently remove the hair at least one half of an inch completely around the actual cut.


Step 2

Wash with water and soap. After the hair has been removed from the area around the wound, gently run warm water over the scrape for about two minutes. You will then carefully scrub the area with an antibacterial soap. Be careful not to be too forceful or hurt the dog.

Step 3

Dry the cut. After the initial washing, daub the area dry with gentle pressure from a clean gauze pad or paper towel.


Step 4

Rinse with iodine. You will now want to run alcohol-free iodine over the wound for a complete disinfection. This iodine can be purchased at a drug store, and you want this kind as it lacks any alcohol that could sting your pet. Run enough alcohol-free iodine to cover the wound, and then let it sit there. Most of it should dry on its own, but if there is any remaining, you can pat it dry.


Step 5

Apply an antibiotic cream.To make sure that the cut remains free from bacteria, you will put an antibiotic cream to the cut. Apply liberally to the full area of the cut and then continue to do so for the next three days.

Always check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet, medication, or physical activity routines. This information is not a substitute for a vet’s opinion.