How to Use Scissors to Give a Dog a Haircut

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If your dog is in need of a trim, you don't have to rush him to the salon immediately. Since grooming can be costly, if you have a calm dog, you may be able to do it yourself, or you can clean him up between visits. Trimming your dog's fur with dog clippers or using dog-safe scissors can help maintain his coat, but first, you must invest in the best dog grooming products.


A comb is a big asset in scissoring your dog's hair.

However, even if you have the best dog grooming scissors or dog clippers, be cautious going this route if you have a fussy pet or are unsure of what to do. If your dog is nervous or jittery, he could get injured when you give him a haircut, so it's best to have a professional take on the job.


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Safety tips for home grooming

Grooming is key to keeping your dog healthy. Matted fur cuts off airflow to a dog's skin, and when left untreated, it can lead to infection. Regular brushing and bathing can help prevent it. Brushing may help with untangling in minor cases, but scissors should not be used to remove matting, and you should never put water or any other substance on matted fur. If your dog's coat is not matted or tangled, then trimming is an option.


To start, decide what areas of grooming your dog needs most, whether it's trimming the fur around her eyes or cutting overgrown nails. Set up the area with a comfy towel and have all of your supplies out and ready for the at-home session, including trimming tools, a place for a bath, cotton balls, a brush, shampoo, and treats for your dog.


If you have an anxious or fidgety dog, do not attempt a do-it-yourself haircut. Choose a groomer who has experience and knowledge of the methods to trim your dog's fur.

Choosing dog grooming products

Only use clippers and scissors made specifically for dog grooming.
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Only use clippers and scissors made specifically for dog grooming. It's best to choose high-quality scissors meant for cutting your dog's fur. The best dog grooming scissors are made of hard metal, which is stronger and does a better job. There are also different scissors for left-handed or right-handed people.


Dog grooming products vary by breed and size. For large dogs, seek scissors with a longer blade. Smaller dogs can be trimmed with short-blade scissors. Go slowly when cutting fur and take extra care around the face, especially when trimming near the eyes and ears.


Start by doing some research on how to trim your dog's fur based on his breed. Then, take time to brush his clean, dry fur. Dog clippers should be used for the main trimming; use the hand you aren't using to hold the clippers to keep your dog's skin taut. Sharpened scissors can be used to finish off the cut and trim any fur in areas that can't be reached well with clippers, like around the eyes and feet.


Choosing the best dog clippers

Keep your scissors sharp.
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While scissors are more simple and can help with small trims, clippers are safer and can help with trimming more of your dog's hair. There are a lot of factors to consider when investing in dog clippers, such as brand and speed. Cordless clippers may be easier to use on your dog. Louder clippers could make your dog nervous during grooming, so choosing quieter ones may be a good idea.


Regardless of which clippers you choose to trim your dog's fur, sharpening the blades is important to keep them working their best and to lower the risk of injury to your dog. Human hair clippers should never be used on your pet. Clip-on combs help the trimmers cut the fur more evenly.


Use extra caution when trimming close to your dog's skin. Go slowly with scissors and clippers and if your dog gets upset in the process or you feel overwhelmed, stop and contact a professional pet groomer to help you finish the job safely.



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